Unbek-Tief and the New God


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Registered Phenomena Code: 661

Previous Code: LA-020

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-destabilization.png Destabilization h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional h-temporal.png Temporal h-mind-control.png Mind-Control h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable

Containment Protocols:

An on-site detachment, comprised of no less than five ASF personnel, is to be stationed outside of RPC-661 in a temporary housing location. They are to patrol the main structure and the adjacent grounds hourly for non-authorized persons, and must also restrict access to the site through primarily non-violent means.1 All roads that lead to RPC-661 are to be barricaded, and a two-metre-tall fence is to be maintained around the property.

In addition, all research teams permitted within RPC-661 must be checked for signs of fatigue or exhaustion prior to entry. Medical staff are to issue transdermal stimulant patches capable of administering up to 200 mg caffeine to anyone exhibiting these signs. Personnel are not permitted to be alone, lay down, or sit down for an extended period of time while in the main structure of RPC-661. Personnel are not permitted under any circumstance outside of testing to sleep inside RPC-661.

Researchers with 2R clearance and above are freely permitted into RPC-661 to study its minor reality coherency fluctuations. The FOA2, MI133, and UNAAC4 are to be given Level 0 affiliation clearance when jointly studying the area's minor anomalous traits. All personnel are to vacate RPC-661 from 20:00 to 08:00 CET pending Director Mason's approval for testing.


Fig 1.0: RPC-661 circa 1890.

Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Site-074

Research Lead: Dr. Erik Merodak

Assigned MST(s): Uniform-01 "Through God's Eyes"



RPC-661 is the designation given to the abandoned Schwarzwald Academy located near ██████, Germany. The school, which ran from 1750-1897, was regarded as a prestigious academic and religious institution while in its prime. It served mostly the Prussian aristocracy with a curriculum focused primarily on Lutheranism, philosophy, and other Prussian ideals. However, in 1873, prominent occultist Abner Stuhr10 took over as the academy's Grandmaster. From this point on, little is known about what happened at the academy until its suspected destruction and subsequent closure in 1897. During Stuhr's reign, several notable figures had either disappeared from the grounds or left the school due to reports of "possible witchcraft." [See Addendum 661-01.]

On October ██ 1897, local sources claimed that the Schwarzwald Academy had burned down in the night: killing the entire student body and staff. Despite these allegations, which were probable cover stories formulated by either Stuhr or an unknown third-party, the site was rediscovered in pristine condition by early FOA agents following up on rumors of a "haunted mansion" in the woods in 1912. After initially being unable to find the source of the spatial anomalies within, the FOA formally turned the site over to the Authority in 1948.

RPC-661's anomalous traits manifest solely inside the main Schwarzwald building. Minor reality coherency fluctuations appear randomly throughout the site. These fluctuations manifest as a drop in coherency no greater than -1.0 on the Anderson Coherency Scale. Researchers have noted that these fluctuations appear as fuzzy and distorted dim lights. Due to the relatively safe nature of these reality inconsistencies, the Authority and its allies have used the site as a means to familiarize new researchers with reality-based anomalies.

Addendum 661-01: RPC Reclassification

During a routine joint research expedition in 1957, several researchers were observing a minor spatial distortion when the floor of the grand lecture hall collapsed. Beneath the structure, an even larger subterranean chamber was discovered. This sub-cathedral was adorned with several banners depicting the nine deific suns of the Nihil11 religion. Pillars of pure unmarked copper stood in each corner of the room, marking the four cardinal points. Additionally, all the stairwells and halls leading to this chamber had been bricked shut or purposely collapsed.

Inside the room, researchers uncovered 364 corpses strapped to various pews and chairs. These remains, designated as RPC-661-1 through -364, appear to be organized in no discernible pattern. Each corpse dons a formal version of the school's scholarly robe alongside a copper cage fixed to their heads by the use of a single nail driven through each temple. Researchers were able to cross-reference and identify several bodies to various students who attended Schwarzwald at the time of its closure. Despite having died in 1897, none of the bodies have shown any signs of decomposition. Autopsies performed on the remains have yet to yield any identifiable cause of death.


Fig. 2.0: RPC-661-112, photographed after its discovery.

Parallel to the main underground chapel, personnel discovered a small secondary chamber. The body of Grandmaster Stuhr, alongside several books and journals detailing the activities of the academy staff, were discovered in what was believed to be a sacristy.12 These journals contained extensive records on the Apoptozeits, a previously unknown secret society believed to be an offshoot of the Children of Nihil base beliefs, and early Omega Iota Society ideals. Based on the fundamental teachings of the Apoptozeits and Stuhr's previous affiliations, Authority personnel have theorized that this group is an entirely new sub-cult formed by him.

Throughout Grandmaster Stuhr's13 incumbency, students became indoctrinated to worship the solar deities and various other entities. The journals detail acts of pedophilia performed by the staff, and ritualistic sacrifices perpetrated among the students. According to recovered texts, Stuhr influenced both the staff and student body to perpetuate these increasingly violent and debaucherous acts as a form of ceremonial corruption. This was done as a precursor to Apoptozeits' ultimate goal, performing the "Rite of Communion." Additional information on the rite could not be located among the recovered records and scriptures.

Stuhr's body, designated as RPC-661-365, similarly shows no signs of decomposition. The corpse was originally discovered maintaining orthostasis, with both arms raised laterally 90° with the palms facing downwards. Any attempts to move RPC-661-365 have been met with resistance by an unseen force. Upon closer inspection of the remains, researchers discovered scars on the base of the neck and upper cranium conducive to early forms of brain surgery. Several symbols built from copper were screwed in place beneath the skull. These symbols include various Hebrew derived letters and a series of eye insignias placed throughout the telencephalon14 of the brain.

Addendum 661-02: XD-N01 Discovery and Exploration

Due to extensive analysis of the recovered texts found within RPC-661, the Departments of Theistic, Videric, and Kaballic studies began to theorize about the correlation between RPC-661-1 through -365 and the minor spatial anomalies found throughout the site. Specific texts referred to "the section of the mind behind the eye and wall," which was "brought forth from the Rite of Communion to grant true sight." This locale was later just simply named Unbek-Tief by the members of Apoptozeit.

Inscribed below is an excerpt taken from Grandmaster Stuhr's 13th book of scripture.

Sleep in the Master's house. He who has given you eyes and dominated you so that you may dominate others. He who will rest among the sky next to you, brothers and sisters. Now sleep, close your eyes so that you may see. Cross the deep cold ocean into our Unbek-Tief, our promised land! Now sleep in the Master's house, close your eyes so that you may see.

Grand Sybil Empedoc

Following the instructions referenced above and throughout the various works, researchers began to discover shared dream-like visions between unconscious persons within RPC-661. These visions were noted to grow in strength and intensity based on an individual's location inside the site. Following this discovery, Uniform-01 was tasked with the exploration of the universal dream, now reclassified as RPC-661-XD-N01.



The continuation of this document has been restricted to level IV personnel and above by the order of Dir. Mason of Site-074. Personnel caught accessing this document without proper authorization may be subjected to immediate apprehension and administered A-2 amnestics. You have been warned.

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