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RPC-666 engaged by Authority reaction forces.

Registered Phenomena Code: 666

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Ballistic Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard, Explosive Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to the remote and erratic nature of its manifestations, RPC-666 is currently uncontained. Peacekeeping forces in high-conflict African missions, with the approval of UNAAC1, will be seeded with Authority personnel to concentrate the response to an RPC-666 manifestation.

A joint-monitoring initiative has been formed between the ASF2, Nigerian DIA3, South African SSA4, and the PCAAO5. A contingent of MST Zulu-45 'Backwater Filter' and the PCAAO 'Sand Serpent' commando unit have formed a rapid-response force to neutralize RPC-666, with limited success to date.

Authority: ASF AFRICOM Director █████ Stebbits
Current Focus: Boko Haram conflict (Nigeria), Libyan Civil War, South Sudan conflict

Description: RPC-666 is an anomalous Mi-24 (NATO "Hind-A") helicopter gunship, the earliest variant of many manufactured by the Soviet Union and Russia. RPC-666 is most readily distinguishable from a standard Mi-24 by the dried blood encrusting most of its fuselage and the bodies hung by electrical wire from its landing gear and weapons hardpoints. These bodies, while otherwise non-anomalous, vary in number during manifestations from 4 to 17. A few of the recovered bodies (separated from RPC-666 by weapons fire) have been identified as previous victims of RPC-666 manifestations.

The only certain criteria for an RPC-666 manifestation is that it occurs in the midst of an armed conflict on the African continent. During these events, RPC-666 will attack a concentration of civilians (typically a village, evacuation convoy, or refugee camp) with rocket and gun armament standard to early Mi-24 variants. RPC-666 reloads its rocket pods by unknown means between manifestations; after it runs out of rockets during an attack, RPC-666 will switch to its nose-mounted Afanasev A-12.7 machine gun. This weapon has not been observed to have run out of ammunition on any occasion.

RPC-666 also instigates clearly anomalous phenomena during attacks. The air temperature of the target area drops to an extreme of -2 degrees Celsius (-28 °F) immediately prior to a manifestation, gradually rising to 49-67 degrees Celsius (120-145 °F) over the course of particularly lengthy attacks. Additionally, if RPC-666 inflicts casualties in excess of ██ during an attack, a light rain will begin to fall; the water, when collected, has been found to be brackish and at boiling temperatures.

A relevant excerpt from a French peacekeeper's unpublished memoir has been provided by UNAAC, to demonstrate a typical RPC-666 manifestation.

The origin of RPC-666 is difficult to trace, as examples of conventional Mi-24s attacking civilian targets during African conflicts number in the hundreds; there are even several recorded instances of corpses being hung from the helicopters by non-anomalous militias. The only unmistakable characteristic of an RPC-666 manifestation, its temperature and weather phenomena, is often lost in emotional and sensationalized accounts of conventional attacks.

An example of a genuine account of an RPC-666 manifestation is available below: note the references to temperature fluctuations and clouds 'seeded' to produce boiling rain. Excerpt is from a journal discovered in a store of confiscated items on the Guinean-Liberian border.

Neutralization Status:

As of 5/14/1987, following several failed containment attempts by the ASF, a neutralize order was approved for RPC-666. The neutralization order continues to today, under the following justifications:

  • Massive loss of life directly caused by RPC-666.
  • Political instability and peace spoiling caused by RPC-666 attacks.
  • Apparently indefinite pattern of attacks.
  • Extreme difficulty of suppressing or halting the slaughter.
  • Compounded difficulty of restraining and capturing RPC-666 for further study.
  • Strained AFRICOM resources, especially in red-purple field containment.


Following a previous decade of unsuccessful neutralization attempts, all owing to the limited firepower immediately available in remote African locations, a PCAAO Chengdu F-77 successfully hits RPC-666 with an air-to-air missile. Grievously wounded yet still flying, RPC-666 is pursued by Authority ground assets for several miles; temperatures drop to a recorded -31 degrees Celsius (-24 °F), eventually halting Authority vehicles and allowing RPC-666 to escape.

MST Zulu-45 'Backwater Filter' has adjusted its tactics as a result of this engagement; additionally, the contingent has upgraded their first-response vehicles to Arctic-standard.

7/9/2004 Media

Link to declassified footage of the engagement. Collated from two Authority camcorders, shared Chinese video, and an unaffiliated journalist detained the next day.


Zero RPC-666 manifestations are reported in the next three years; a possible RPC-666 manifestation occurs during the Second Tuareg Rebellion in 2007, with the first confirmed sighting in 2009 during the onset of the Boko Haram insurgency. Neutralization efforts continue.


High-quality recording by a photojournalist has confirmed significant structural changes to RPC-666, likely as a result of the damage sustained in the 7/9/2004 engagement. A sizable crater in the plating two meters behind the cockpit (half-covering the passenger door of an Mi-24) has been filled with flesh and fused bone; several dozen decomposed hands grasp the edges of the hole.

Regenerative has been added to the RPC-666 Hazard list.

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