The shock collar found around RPC-683's neck.


Registered Phenomena Code: 683

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-683 is contained in a 5m x 5m x 5m standard containment chamber, and is only to be released for testing purposes. RPC-683 is to be fed a five liter bucket of mixed meats three times a day, for five days. The containment unit is to be checked on a bi-weekly basis for any types of damage. If any damage is spotted, RPC-683 must be moved into a temporary second containment unit in Site-004. If RPC-683 needs to be removed from its containment unit, it is recommended to transport the entity during its sleep state.

Description: RPC-683 is an emaciated humanoid-shaped entity measuring 1.3 meters tall, and weighs approximately 80.7 kilograms. RPC-683’s flesh appears to be dense, as it is resistant to flames and firearms, the entity has multiple scars and burn marks on its head, legs, arms, and chest. On top of the entity’s flesh are multiple rows of spiked protrusions constructed of keratin, which have shown resistance to high temperatures and firearms, however RPC-683 has shown fear and hostility towards electricity.

RPC-683 is hostile towards human life but shows no interest in other mammalian species. RPC-683 will only hunt other species when there are no humans around. The reason for this is currently unknown. RPC-683 is carnivorous and enters a feeding state approximately 72 hours after finishing its previous meal. RPC-683 will then enter a sleep state directly after finishing its meal.

RPC-683 has shown no signs of communication, but RPC-683 has been heard hissing and making whistling sounds. RPC-683 has also been known for attempting to catch prey, if not supplied with food. Testing has shown that RPC-683 utilizes the spikes on its body to destroy barriers or obstacles within its way to allow it to continue its pursuit, no materials as of now have been able to stop RPC-683 from continuing its pursuit, unless the entity is physically restrained from doing so.

Discovery: RPC-683 first came to Authority attention when reports of a “strange creature” were being shared to multiple police stations in Sidney, Ohio. A Task Force was sent out to capture RPC-683 after multiple recorded sightings of RPC-683 were circulating around video sharing websites.

RPC-683 was found amongst the remains of a run-down circus tent, deep within a forest in the area. The tent was in serious disrepair, and two human corpses were found in different states of decomposition. Both of the corpses had multiple claw and bite marks on various areas of the bodies. RPC-683 itself was found in a broken cage with the words “See the Spectacular-Spike Freak!” on a sign right beside the cage. RPC-683 was captured without incident, as it was in its sleeping state during capture. A broken shock-collar was found around RPC-683's neck and was confiscated and placed into storage for further studies.

UPDATE 10/28/20

Addendum 001: During the capture of RPC-683, the two bodies were collected, and studied for further research on RPC-683. One of the bodies were identified as Albert █████, a once popular ringmaster for a circus in 2006. The second body was identified as Ruby █████, Albert █████'s wife and secondary ringmaster.

Further research was made into the origins of RPC-683 and the two bodies, and information about the circus the two individuals operated has surfaced. The circus operated from 1967 to 2011, and operated with multiple animals. The two showrunners were suspected of animal abuse in 1997, and almost went into bankruptcy before creating a brand new attraction in 2002 that is theorized to involve RPC-683. In 2010 the circus went out of business after missing persons reports of Ruby and Albert surfaced to the general public.

Addendum 002: As of 9/10/20, RPC-683 has entered a chrysalis composed of keratin. The chrysalis is located at the center of the containment area and appears to be fused to the floor. RPC-683 has been in this state for approximately eleven days, and no signs of movement have been reported as of late. It is theorized that RPC-683 is going through a metamorphosis, and will emerge from the chrysalis with an altered physical appearance and new anomalous abilities.

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