Registered Phenomena Code: 688

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-electromagnetic-force.png Electromagnetic Force Hazard h-aggression.png Aggression Hazard h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional Hazard h-auditory.png Auditory Hazard

Containment Protocols: Although the Authority has been unable to contain RPC-688, broadcasts from RPC-688-A have reduced a significant amount as of ██/██/████. At least one ACI employee is to monitor all radio frequencies at 30.85MHz and 24.35MHz at RPC-XXX-1 for RPC-688 at all times. Currently, there are no known methods of suppressing RPC-688 broadcasts.

OL-Site-201 has been set up around RPC-688-1, with two ASF personnel stationed at the entrance, while an additional 2 ASF personnel are to guard RPC-688-2 at all given times. A 1m perimeter has been set up around RPC-688-2 as a precautionary measure. All artefacts retrieved from RPC-688-1 are currently stored at Site-007, and are being examined by an Authority archaeologist, while tests for their properties and purposes are currently waiting approval.

Ongoing attempts to locate RPC-688-B, with ASF personnel stationed at OL-Site-201 to report any suspicious individuals. Personnel that manage to regain communications with RPC-688-A are advised to not immediately believe anything it tells them, nor are they to hand out any further information about the outside world.

Description: RPC-688 is an anomalous radio broadcast, the origin of which is extra-dimensional. RPC-688 occurs in Eastleigh Basingstoke Southampton, England, 24/7. During broadcasts, a male voice (hereby referred to as RPC-688-A) would continuously repeat a phrase in an unknown language. There has only been one known instance of time where RPC-688-A began speaking English during one of its transmissions. At this point, communication between RPC-688-A and the Authority became possible. Heavy static may occur, making further communications difficult.

RPC-688-1 is a large two-story structure located in ██████████, England, and is believed to act as a gateway for RPC-688 to broadcast through. Forensic analysis suggests that at one point in the past RPC-688-1 suffered severe internal and external damage from a fire as the primary cause. However, traces of unidentified DNA within smashed relics inside the building have made researchers wonder about the true cause of its destruction. Another thing of note, is that the fire is believed to have originated from the upper floor of the building, with the flames travelling in a specific pattern to the bottom floor

RPC-688-2 is a sinkhole located on the first floor of RPC-688-1 with a measured diameter of 4m. Although RPC-688-2's depth hasn't been measured and appears indeterminate, it is currently believed to act as an extradimensional portal to an unknown dimension that contains an ACS level of 2.1 Usage of drone exploration for RPC-688-2 has proven infeasible, due to any electric visual device malfunctioning upon travelling more than 100 m into RPC-688-2.

RPC-688-A is 25 year old Asian male named Troy Lang. Troy Lang was believed to have gone missing, when his neighbour reported that he had not been seen leaving their house in the last two weeks since their last meeting. Troy Lang continuously claimed to have been incapable of properly discerning his surroundings, or the people around him.

Addendum 688.01: Discovery Log

RPC-688 was discovered on December 30th, 2012, when the Authority first found out about RPC-688's broadcasts through a routine monitoring of radio frequencies. At the time, RPC-688-A would continuously attempt to communicate in a currently unidentified language, until February 4th, 2013, when RPC-688 was heard broadcasting in English for the first time.

The Authority sent out a broadcast on the same MHz that RPC-688 was on, with a response intended towards RPC-688-A.

Addendum 688.02: Transmission Logs

Addendum 688.03: Transmission Logs

Addendum 688.04: Discovery Log

MST Alpha-214 ("Wolf Pack") was conducting a search on the area that RPC-688-B was found to have been communicating with RPC-688-A. During the search, a large structure was discovered in a nearby forest, presumably having been unnoticed due to its isolated location, and was promptly explored by Alpha-21.

One member of Alpha-21 discovered various writings of the phrase "La Skite Takeere" all over the walls of the first and upper floors, leading to the building to be designated as RPC-688-1. RPC-688-2 was also discovered on the first floor, and an Authority team was sent over to set up an OL-Site around RPC-688-1, while all discernible objects inside RPC-688-1 were confiscated and sent to Site-007. A request for an AECR was accepted, and after testing with RPC-688-2, the AECR was lowered at 90 m into RPC-688-2. The estimated ACS level was found to be at 2.2.

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