Registered Phenomena Code: 736

Object Class: Omega-Red

Hazard Types: Climatological Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Aquatic Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Electromagnetic Force Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard, Incorporeal Hazard, Visual Hazard, Auditory Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to the hazardous environment produced by RPC-736, in addition to its global range of manifestation, permanent containment is impossible.

Units of MST-Bravo-04 "Siberian Tigers" are to be embedded within law enforcement agencies in regions known to experience heavy storms and/or cyclones. These operatives must regularly enforce shelter in place and/or evacuation orders to the fullest extent to prevent civilian exposure to RPC-736. If a storm is currently underway in the region, operatives must patrol the area where the weather phenomenon is occurring in specialized Authority mandated Tornado Intercept Vehicles1 to monitor when and where RPC-736 manifests.

Following confirmation of RPC-736's manifestation, operatives within TIVs may only approach within 7 meters of RPC-736, and must constantly relay its location, appearance, and path of travel to each-other. Should an individual come under the influence of and begin to follow RPC-736, MST-Brave-04 operatives, equipped with full anti-cognitohazard protective gear, as well as weather protection gear, are to immediately pursue and recapture any individuals following RPC-736. Once recaptured, Class G amnestics must be applied to all witnesses of RPC-736. If an individual becomes an RPC-736-1 instance, operatives are ordered to stand down and allow the instance to continue to pursue RPC-736. Under no circumstances are personnel to capture or otherwise impede RPC-736 and await its dematerialization.

Description: RPC-736 is a humanoid entity resembling an elderly human male, measured at roughly 182 cm (6 ft.) in height, with an emaciated build. RPC-736 is observed exclusively wearing trousers similar to blue jeans. Despite its appearance, RPC-736 is known to run at speeds of up to 250 km/h and has also lifted up to 7.5 metric tonnes.

RPC-736 is a Type J incorporeal entity2 The conditions which allow for RPC-736 to assume a tangible form are typically weather phenomena that may cause significant damage to the area that it forms in, this includes cyclones, both Pacific and Atlantic, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms. RPC-736 has been observed to gradually become more tangible as the weather phenomena progresses, becoming fully tangible at the weather phenomena's climax. For more information on the exact process of manifestation and demanifestation for RPC-736, see Addendum 736-1.

Upon fully manifesting, RPC-736 begins to run in the direction of the weather phenomenon. This excludes select cases where RPC-736 deviates from its path and is instead followed by said phenomena. While running, RPC-736 produces several random vocalizations and erratically flails its arms. These vocalizations are typically that of loud yelling or whooping/hollering. RPC-736 does not appear to be affected by the severe weather conditions it typically forms in. Debris thrown by high winds has been observed to break against RPC-736's body, with no injury visible on the entity. Wind speeds additionally produce no effect on RPC-736, regardless of measured intensity.

RPC-736 is also a Class VII cognitohazardous entity, as direct visual contact with RPC-736 results in individuals experiencing complete personality alterations.3 Vocalizations produced by RPC-736 have a similar but markedly weaker effect on individuals, as while they will feel a compulsion to find the source to them, they can easily be restrained and the compulsion will stop once individuals are out of hearing range of RPC-736.

Once an individual has made visual contact with RPC-736, subjects will typically pause for several seconds, after which point they then will begin to copy the mannerisms of RPC-736, following the entity along its path. This affects all individuals, regardless of ambulatory nature. After visual contact, subjects will no longer respond to their name, claiming to only be "of service to the storm." A typical dosage of amnestics will allow an individual to regain their sense of self. As subjects follow RPC-736, they will approach the speed that the entity is currently at and will start to run parallel with RPC-736. RPC-736 is noted to slow down to 48 km/h (30 mph) to allow for most subjects to stay on pace with it. After an indeterminate amount of time, RPC-736 will make physical contact with subjects who have ran parallel with it, turning the subject into an instance of RPC-736-1.

RPC-736-1 instances are humanoid silhouettes that can only be observed in rainy conditions, these silhouettes appear to be intangible, as matter has been observed to easily pass through them. RPC-736-1 instances have been seen to be able to interact with other instances as well as RPC-736. As previously stated, instances of RPC-736-1 have only been observed to be created once RPC-736 makes physical contact with a subject that has visually observed it, as well as proceeded to run with it for an indeterminate amount of time. RPC-736 will usually place its hand on the subjects head, after which they are observed to instantaneously turn into an instance of RPC-736-1, said instances will typically continue performing the mannerisms they displayed before they made contact with RPC-736. RPC-736-1 instances will de-manifest once the rain from the storm they were produced in has stopped, or RPC-736 has de-manifested.

The ability to create instances of RPC-736-1 also classifies RPC-736 as a Class II reality bender,4 though there is one particular incident that suggests RPC-736 is actually a Class ████. (See Addendum 736-2).

Discovery: There is an unconfirmed "sighting" of RPC-736 dated to 9/8/1900, during the Galveston Hurricane. This is labelled as unconfirmed as the entity described did not completely match the physical description of RPC-736, nor display typical mannerisms. Witnesses described a man running for cover, only to have said cover be removed by the storm. The man then proceeded to kneel down and start babbling incoherently at the storm, while also beginning to laugh. Eventually, the man was whisked up into the storm, seemingly vanishing within it. Many identified the man as Jeremiah ████████, who was noted as being a local Galveston carpenter. Mr. ████████ is recorded as a casualty of the Galveston Hurricane, though his body was never recovered. It is unclear if Mr. ████████ is RPC-736, as while Mr. ████████ was the approximate age group that RPC-736 resembles, there are no records of Mr. ████████'s definitive physical description to compare with RPC-736. RPC-736 is confirmed to have been sighted in all subsequent similar weather phenomena after Galveston.

Addendum 736-1: RPC-736 Manifestation and De-manifestation Timeline

Below is an approximation of the process of RPC-736's manifestation and de-manifestation during a weather phenomena.

Storm Timeline RPC-736 Behavior Notes
72-24 hrs. Before Weather Phenomena RPC-736 does not have a tangible form at this time, instead, Disembodied laughter can be heard at random intervals throughout the region that the weather phenomena is slated to occur. The voice is noted to sound different based on the type of storm that will occur.
12-1 hrs. BWF RPC-736 will become a humanoid silhouette, forming in the rain leading up to the main weather phenomena, sitting in a crouched position. Vocalizations at this time are noted to be louder laughter, as well as shouting. The appearance of RPC-736 will change seemingly at random, as RPC-736 has been sighted as having many different types of hair styles as well as beards.
Storm Climax RPC-736 will become a fully tangible being, able to interact with its environment and others, it will begin its typically recorded behavior at this time. The cognitohazardous influence of RPC-736 appears to grow as it becomes more tangible, reaching its peak at this point
0-6 hrs. After Climax Throughout the duration of the storm, RPC-736 will run across the region where the weather phenomena is occurring, typically encountering individuals who are either fleeing from or sheltering in place because of a storm, RPC-736 has never been shown to stop in the presence of people, and will instead continue along its path. Despite the weather conditions, subjects who come under the influence of RPC-736 also exhibit similar resistances to the weather phenomena occurring.
>6 hrs. After Climax As the weather phenomena begins to end, RPC-736 will start moving slower, eventually coming to a stop and will sit down once again, the moment that it does, RPC-736 will become translucent again, eventually disappearing altogether. Vocalizations will return to laughter at this time. If any RPC-736-1 instances were created, at this time, they will begin to wave at RPC-736, who will wave back. RPC-736-1 are also observed to join hands and surround RPC-736. Both RPC-736 and RPC-736-1 instances will vanish shortly after.

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