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Registered Phenomena Code: 755 Level 3/755
Object Class: Gamma-White Classified


fig. 1.1: Footprints belonging to RPC-755 located on a beach near Taşucu, Turkey. (circa 2013)

Hazard Types: Organic, Sapient

Containment Protocols: Due to its nature, RPC-755 cannot be fully contained. A GPS tracking device and a camera with an audio recorder have been tied to RPC-755's leg. In the event of either device being removed by an outside force, they are to be replaced as soon as possible.

MST Quebec-34 ("I Think You Should Leave") is tasked with keeping RPC-755 away from populated areas, and inside isolated areas. When RPC-755 is near a populated area, MST Quebec-34 is to be notified and travel to RPC-755's current location. Through the use of a 5-meter tall wall on a wheeled stand, RPC-755 will be redirected away from the location.

Description: RPC-755 is the designation for a naked humanoid entity currently walking in an unspecific direction around the surface of the Earth. RPC-755, at the time of writing, has not stopped walking but appears to be extremely dehydrated, emaciated, and fatigued.

RPC-755 is similar in appearance to an average adult male human, however it displays a few key differences. RPC-755 lacks the presence of genitals and buttocks, having a smooth area of skin in place of them. RPC-755's head is completely obscured by a large abstract object, seen as a black "scribble". This object appears the same no matter which direction it is viewed from.

RPC-755 does not respond to outside stimuli from other individuals, and attempts in conversing with RPC-755 have always been met with failure. RPC-755 has also shown itself to be able to walk at high altitudes, areas with high temperatures, and areas with very high pressure without expiring, as well as not being able to drown.

RPC-755 has started bleeding numerous times, but has not expired from blood loss. RPC-755's blood type is A Positive, but does not match any recorded individual.

When met with a solid vertical surface with no ledges or holes to grab on to, RPC-755 will shift to the left, and keep walking in that direction. This same effect occurs for any surface that is too steep or smooth for RPC-755 to climb. If RPC-755 is trapped with solid vertical surfaces in all directions, it will immediately be launched towards one of the surfaces by an unseen force, completely breaking through the surface to the other side no matter how thick or heavy the surface is.

If any weights are used to hold RPC-755 down, it will break them off using its fists. RPC-755 has shown itself to be able to break through any material, but harder materials take longer to break through. This has shown to be extremely painful for RPC-755.

Addendum 755.1

Incident 8/30/2015

On August 30th 2015, RPC-755 stopped walking, deviating from its normal activity. The following log is a description of the event that ensued.

[RPC-755 is currently in Northwestern Mexico, in the Sonoran Desert.]

[RPC-755 abruptly falls to the ground. It emits a moaning sound, presumably out of pain.]

[7 minutes pass. At this point, Authority assets embedded nearby have arrived at the site of the incident.]

[RPC-755 seemingly attempts to scream, but instead dryly coughs. RPC-755's left leg is visibly being twisted in an unnatural direction by an unseen force.]

[RPC-755's left leg stops twisting. RPC-755 is breathing heavily through clenched teeth.]

[2 minutes pass.]

[RPC-755 gets up, albeit with some difficulty. It continues walking, but is now limping.]

Following this, it was discovered that a message was carved into the ground in front of where RPC-755 had fallen. The message reads as follows:

Keep walking.



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