Registered Phenomena Code: 758

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-grouped.png Grouped h-invisibility.png Invsibility h-sapient.png Sapient h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-emotional.png Emotional h-mind-regression.png Mind-Regression h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal

Containment Protocols:

All instances of RPC-758 must be tattooed with Videric sigils.1 Aggressive instances are to be contained in a sanitized containment chamber paneled with Himalayan salt. Docile instances are to be contained in a standard humanoid compartment cell with minimal luxuries. Classical and gospel church music are played continuously for tranquilization purposes.

At least 5 religious/spiritual items such as crucifixes, talismans, and/or beads are to be placed inside the containment cell per instance. The items must be of cultural significance to the RPC-758 species’ culture of origin. Feeding will be done once per week with CSD-class personnel wearing the AHA3 “Holy Armor” system.2 Once RPC-758 is done feeding, the CSD-class personnel must report for immediate psychological diagnosis and possible treatment if necessary.

All personnel stationed at RPC-758 must follow strict hygienic and dietary practices. Per supervision of the Office of Ethics, the culture around sites containing RPC-758 must demonstrate a healthy work environment.3 Adequate knowledge of the practice of exorcism will be required of all staff working with or next to RPC-758. Personnel of the Abrahamic faith are required to carry crucifixes if they are of a Christian denomination, or a bottle of honey and water if they are of the Islamic faith. If the RPC-758 instance is non-Abrahamic of origin, it may be exorcised according to the practices of their regional culture.

Subjects showing symptoms of RPC-758-A must meet with medical staff for treatment immediately. Therapy sessions will be compensated for. A specialized Leptosiderine drug was made to magnify the stimulative effect of RPC-758-C and help affected subjects recover.

Media and products that may shallowly be considered "satanic" are banned. Strictly prohibited contents include but are not limited to:

Any surplus of RPC-758 is to be disposed of. Any and all instances of RPC-758-1 outside of Authority or intergovernmental custody must be eliminated through any means necessary. The termination of such entities will require Authority-issued anti-thaumaturgic instruments. MST Echo-4 "The Old Guard"4 are assigned to eliminate any reported instances of RPC-758.


fig. 1.1: RPC-758 anatomical illustration. (1952)


Anatomy: RPC-758 designates a genus of semi-incorporeal humanoid parasites with a loosely bio-sulfuric makeup. RPC-758 instances are invisible to the naked eye but can be viewed via tattooed sigils, rituals, Videric-class drugs…etc.

RPC-758 have no digestive system, respiratory system, nor reproductive system. Instead, an intricate mass of what appears to be fat, sulfuric compound, and neuron cells replicating the aforementioned systems take its place. The mass is theorized to operate its metabolism. RPC-758 gains sustenance through negative human emotions5 feeding and gaining mass through anomalous means. Different species of RPC-758 will prefer different emotional states to feed on, all of which revolve around human suffering.

Behavioral Characteristics: Contemporary cultural norms influence the physical and mental health of RPC-758. Notions that are branded as "satanic" by large groups of people become another source of sustenance for the entities. RPC-758 instances that are participating in and/or are near "satanic objects" such as tarot cards or death metal albums will exhibit higher aggression, strength, and productivity. Inversely, RPC-758 is repelled by positive human emotions and concepts such as love, empathy, joy, etc. Exposure to these virtues will weaken the instance and in enough quantity, terminate them.

RPC-758 have developed a diverse culture,6 prominently revolving around mischief and hatred towards humanity. Intellectually, RPC-758 is found to possess roughly human-level intelligence. IQ test results estimate their intellect from 50-70 points; however, some outliers have demonstrated possessing an IQ point above 1██.

Despite their relatively low intellect, RPC-758 instances demonstrate a substantial understanding of complex thaumaturgic arts, particularly alchemy. It can transfigure alchemical constructions out of its own body parts, most of which exhibit minor anomalous properties.7 Another talent present within the entire genus is a sophisticated understanding of sigil composition and creation, which they can use to brand intricate spells unto objects to exhibit anomalous properties.

Life Cycle: RPC-758 are parasites dependant on humans to continue their life cycle, starting with locating a human host.8 The life cycle of the genus can be seen below:

RPC-758 will grow up until it reaches adulthood at 7 years old. The average lifespan of RPC-758 instances is 50 years.


fig. 2.1: RPC-758-1 "Red Imp" captured on film.

Addendum-758-A1: Species and culture

RPC-758 is the most abundant and widespread genus of bio-apparations. Currently, there are 178 known species of RPC-758, each with a unique set of behavior and characteristic. While RPC-758 is sexless, some species such as the "Alder Elf" (RPC-758-2) have gendered physiques, which implies the existence of sexual dimorphism among RPC-758.10 The purpose of this separation is societal, as RPC-758 generally have similar gender roles as humans.

RPC-758 are highly social and territorial beings with an affinity for hierarchal society. Their tools, culture, and language are borrowed directly from humans societies. They are just as likely to fight in inter-species conflict as they are with fighting humans. RPC-758 are prone to believe in religions of Abrahamic origins, but due to their satanic nature, they are impaired from practicing it. Instead, RPC-758 practice Shamanism, the Occult, and in some cases instances, sects of the Nihil faiths.

The list below details the description and behavioral characteristics of the 5 most common RPC-758 species archived in 1954. Outdated information will be colored gray.

Addendum-758-A2: Anomaly Constructions

Addendum-758-B1: Demonstorm Incident

During the ███████ █████ on January ██, 1916, approximately ██,███ instances of RPC-758-█ was ████ out of the bodies of ████ ████. The ████ created one entity known by the RPC-758-█ instances as the "███ ████". This event is known as the Demonstorm Incident.

It is suggested that this incident sparked the population boom of RPC-758 instances, which would later become more prevalent in 19██ during an event known as the Red Crusade.

Addendum-758-B2: The Red Crusade

In the late 19th century, several RPC-758-1 and RPC-758-3 tribes formed a concord called the "Nulamalla". The now-defunct GoI was comprised of various anomalous entities such as RPC-216 and RPC-514. The motivation for this Concord is unknown, though theorized to be the group's effort to summon another "king".

The Nulamalla would raid several Authority and other governmental sites. While most of these raids failed, the Concord was successful in destroying Site-███ with a Mercury Barlow Bomb. This incident has lead to the death of 1,253 personnel. This marked a conflict called the Red Crusade, against the Nulamalla Concord.


Red Crusade Report: January 3rd, 1955

Reporter: Anthony Brown

After the 1916 Demonstorm incident and the Nulamalla raid in 1955, the Red Imps have proven themselves to be one of humanity's greatest hazard. Under GD-WAR's command, the Authority has declared total war against the Nulamalla Concord. This “Red Crusade” is set to be the Authority’s largest military operation since the Austral War.16

This war was met with overwhelming support among the Authority and its close allies. The UNAAC permitted this declaration of war owing to the fact that Devilfolks aren't subject to the Authority Protection Division Provisional War Crimes Tribunal.

Red Crusade Report: June 16th, 1955

Reporter: Anthony Brown

The Alder Elfs have joined the cause of the Red Crusade! Approximately 6,000+ anti-thaumaturgic weaponry were commissioned out of Alder Elf communities such as the Bohemian and Schwarzwald tribes.

The instruments these tribes have kindly provided us were made specifically to kill Devilfolks. Such weapons include the S1BJ “Violin”, the S4OG “Lanchester submachine gun” and even the A3UV “Mercury Barlow bomb” which was used against us during the Nulamalla raid on Site-███. In return, the Elfs request the Authority provide them a reliable sustenance source. While the Authority is obliged to their appeal, this barter has been heavily restricted by the Office of Ethics and the UNAAC.


Authority personnel with an Alder Elf ally. (1955)

Red Crusade Report: September 4th, 1955

Reporter: Anthony Brown

Support rains from the East! The Red Goblins have provided both the Authority and the PLASD with heavy weapons such as the S4QA “Anti-tank rifle” and S5VU “Crusader tank”. These instruments are specialized for Red Imp and Malphas17 threats. In return, the Red Goblins asked the Authority and PLASD for land in former Red Imp tribes.

While the PLASD gave the Red Goblins what they wanted, EAURACOM discouraged the Authority from accepting this deal, setting up minor OL-sites for the Red Goblins instead. This proved unpopular among the Red Goblin tribes, slowing down our slow but sure alliance.

Red Crusade Report: October 28th, 1956

Reporter: Anthony Brown

Thanks to GD-WAR and the WEST-EASTCOM’s coordination, the Nulamallan Erzurum tribe which has gained much influence in the pan-Turkic regions has been eliminated. Most of the Nulamalla Concord went into hiding in Yemen. This victory was cause for celebration among the Authority and its allies.

GD-CMDR and GD-WAR warned personnel not to get too complacent with our victory as it is possible the Nulamalla will emerge with even more allies on their side.


Authority personnel scouting for Nulamallans in Yemen. (1955)

Red Crusade Report: February 5th, 1957

Reporter: Anthony Brown

Victory from Yemen! With the Nulamalla Concord on its death bed, the regional directorate decided to withdraw from this war, deeming the Red Crusade as an indubitable victory.

GD-WAR however, suggested that the Authority's military focused its efforts on the extinction of the Red Imps instead. With the military’s morale higher than ever, many showed their support. The regional directorate were displeased with GD-WAR’s conduct. GD-07 (1922-1926) issued a series of public complaints against the Red Crusade.

Red Crusade Report: March 31st, 1958

Reporter: Anthony Brown

Terror reigns in Arabia! The Nulamalla Concord rebuilt their military by assimilating various Devilfolk species into their militia. An additional 9,000+ thaumaturgic weapons have been extracted out of allied Devilfolks for the Authority and UNAAC. 12 militarised anomalies are set to be deployed for the Authority’s final campaign. This final battle in Arabia will be the nail in the coffin for the Nulamalla Concord.


The taste of victory is near. (1956)

Red Crusade Report: April ██, 1958

This was a mistake.

Under GD-WAR's command, the Nulamalla Concord was successfully demolished in █/█/1958. Around █████ instances of RPC-758-1 were exterminated as a result of the Red Crusade. An estimated ██.█ billion dollars were spent over the course of the war. The population of RPC-758-1 has been reduced to half its original size.

Addendum-758-B3 The Kings

In █/█/1958, █ "kings" materialized out of ██████ on the Arabian █████. The incident led to ████ deaths and █████ ██ ████ ███████. The event only lasted 27 minutes. Approximately ████ RPC-758-A instances are thought to be conceived. Formerly allied tribes were ██████████ by the Authority for their ██████ against humanity.

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