RPC-767’s controller.


Registered Phenomena Code: 767

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Transmutation

Containment Protocols: All subjects found to have been affected by RPC-767 are to be permanently interred in hospitals treating mental illness or other care facilities under Authority supervision when practical. Any documentation regarding RPC-767's design is to be archived with non-anomalous records. Research into replicating RPC-767's effect ethically is currently in the planning stages.

Description: RPC-767 is a device similar in appearance to a CAT scanner. The interior mechanism, however, is comprised of seemingly unrelated computer and medical equipment. A controller designed for use with the Atari Jaguar video gaming console is attached via heavy copper cabling.

Human subjects entering RPC-767 appear to activate the device once their bodies are fully within it. If any buttons on the controller are pressed during that time the subject experiences permanent changes to their personality, mental aptitude, and cognition depending on which buttons were pressed. In addition, all affected subjects become highly susceptible to psychological manipulation and the power of suggestion.

Discovered by bankruptcy creditors assessing the assets of a defunct medical technology corporation, RPC-767 was found in the basement of an abandoned research laboratory in ████ █████. It was recovered along with marketing materials which indicates RPC-767 was intended for commercial use.

The last recovered document indicates that the researchers had begun dismantling the facility, and were going to destroy their working prototype. It is not known what prevented them from accomplishing this.

Agents first came to the laboratory after reports of strange behavior originating from █████████ reached personnel investigating unrelated phenomenon. During containment, approximately ██ local residents were found to have been affected. None of these subjects reported any recollection of RPC-767.

Addendum 767-A: Settings of RPC-767

Button Effect
“A” Button Eliminates the subject’s sense of taste or ability to experience hunger. Developing allergies to many types of food has also been documented.
“B” Button Induces temporary amnesties, during which the subject will only answer to the name “Edward” or “Edwina”.
“C” Button Subject will begin suffering from an eating disorder such as bulimia.
Directional Pad Buttons No known effects.
Number Pad Button 1 Behavioral change of arrogance and egotistical beliefs where none were present prior, or if present they become more acute.
Number Pad Button 2 Between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, the subject will be unable to remember anything about their identity, and will attempt to fulfill any task asked of them.
Number Pad Button 3 The subject will lose all tactile sensation. This causes additional psychological trauma and distress.
Number Pad Button 4 Efficiency in typing, writing, and memory will increase, as well as creating total recall.
Number Pad Button 5 The subject will be unable to experience hunger. Effects of starvation are not changed.
Number Pad Button 6 Subject will lose feeling in their teeth and may begin believing that their bodies are composed from glass.
Number Pad Button 7 No outwardly visible effect.
Number Pad Button 8 Induces colorblindness in the subject.
Number Pad Button 9 Developing a delusion wherein the subject believes they have swallowed a glass piano which will shatter inside them if they move too vigorously.
Number Pad Button 0 Subject will show an increased aptitude for advanced scientific and mathematic concepts. This will not be an instant increase in intelligence, as subjects will be able to grasp advanced concepts, but show their normal aptitude for more basic ideas. In addition, the subject will show a significantly decreased aptitude in other fields of study. 11% of subjects have developed sociopathic personalities following exposure.
Number Pad Button # Subject will lose their sense of self, and express loyalty to a "Sysadmin Corrupted, Return Enter Name", and identify any authority figures as representatives of such. Mental functions such as creative thinking, problem solving, and sapient thought are inhibited.
Number Pad Button “*” Subject will enter a vegetative state until they are placed within RPC-767 again, with no other known method of reviving them.

Addendum 767-B: All requests to end research on RPC-767 will be denied. Please direct any requests or concerns to the office of Dr. Spencer Knight.

Addendum: Recovered marketing material:


Recovered media


Recovered media

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