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Registered Phenomena Code: 792

Object Class: Omega-Orange

Hazard Types: Incorporeal, Teleportation, Ideological, Emotional, Immeasurable

Containment Protocols: Undercover field agents are to be sent to patrol through Pacific Northwestern communities. This operation is headed by NORTHCOM, and mainly consists of personnel from that region. Missing person cases are to be reported to the Authority at the earliest convenience and investigated.

Methods for identifying and differentiating RPC-792 from mundane missing persons cases remain ambiguous; common signs of RPC-792 are listed in the Description of this file. Disinformation campaigns are to establish known RPC-792-1 instances as either deceased or undiscovered indefinitely.

Description: RPC-792 is a phenomenon in which individuals in the Pacific Northwest region are suddenly compelled to commit suicide or hibernate through means of burrowing, isolation, and spontaneous relocation to ALTR-18WU.1 Individuals affected by RPC-792 exhibit distinct and abnormal behavior, thus qualifying them as instances of RPC-792-1.

Common signs of RPC-792-1 are as follows:

  • RPC-792-1 instance is or was located in the Pacific Northwest region.2
  • RPC-792-1 instance committed or proliferated a crime/action/movement which has proved harmful to the living, mental health, or physical health of another person(s).
  • RPC-792-1 instances are often over the age of 10.
  • The last known location of the RPC-792-1 instance is a rural area, often far from major population centers and in the vicinity of expansive wilderness typical of the Pacific Northwest.
  • RPC-792-1 instance suffers from a declining mental state before RPC-792 takes place; most frequent among traits expressed by RPC-792-1 are self-hatred (a constant among all known cases), manic depression, and suicidal tendencies.
  • RPC-792-1 instances will spend upwards of 5 hours a day submerged in water, most commonly within a filled bathtub or pool. Instances will position themselves in a way as to simulate restrictions caused by extremely cramped spaces, and have also been known to insert soil and expired foliage into the water during submersion.
  • Sensory organs, notably ocular organs, of RPC-792-1 instances will become highly sensitive to light. Instances will express fear when faced with light sources, be it minor or acute. Low-light conditions will become preferred.
  • RPC-792-1 instance will arrange various objects, be them waste or household items, around their preferred method of submersion within their residence. This mainly occurs in late-stage cases of RPC-792. Structures resemble funnels, built in a way as to block light from the interior.
  • RPC-792-1 instance will destroy means by which they are depicted. These include photographs, artistic works, mirrors, and digital files. In rare cases, the RPC-792-1 instance will revert to facial mutilation despite all means of viewing oneself having been destroyed.

After a period of typically 4 to 9 weeks, the RPC-792-1 instance will undergo RPC-792, spontaneously teleporting to a small, subterranean space. The structure of these spaces are cramped; the instance's whole body is encased in the ground, leaving minimal room for movement of any kind. The process by which RPC-792-1 instances transition from baseline reality to ALTR-18WU is as of yet undocumented. Subterranean spaces belonging to RPC-792-1 instances are most commonly found in the vicinity of dimensional rifts leading to ALTR-18WU.3

RPC-792's point of origin remains speculative. Although the phenomenon is directly connected to ALTR-18WU, the anomaly remains largely unknown by local Children of Nihil members.

As of a 2017 study, 15% of missing persons from the Pacific Northwest are hypothesized of being instances of RPC-792-1.

Addendum 792-1: RPC-792 was first discovered when three missing persons were located at the Barnum McDonnell Mine in Washington State, United States, on November 4th, 1977. Identities were Alexander Cartwright (26), Benjamin Holt (27), and Dean Smith (27). The three RPC-792-1 instances all exhibited the symptoms listed above.

The Barnum McDonnell Mine property had been under Authority ownership since 1968.4 This is due to its sheer proximity to a dimensional breach corresponding to ALTR-18WU, uncovered via mining equipment in 1968, leading to Authority acquisition and a disinformation campaign. One of the instances, Benjamin Holt, was found to have direct ancestry to the previous owners of the site.

It was found that 2 years prior the instances had committed a string of sexual assaults in nearby residences. During custody, the subjects would demanifest a second time, and were unable to be rediscovered. Due to the incident, RPC-792 was formally discovered by the Authority, leading to the identification of numerous other RPC-792 occurrences.

Addendum 792-2: Recorded interview log with Alexander Cartwright, conducted by Dr. Gordon Risingson (segmented for brevity):

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