A Swedish CBRN Decontamination unit operating in OL-Site 834.

Registered Phenomena Code: 834

Object Class: Gamma-Black

Hazard Types: Radiation Hazard, Ecological Hazard

Containment Protocols: An exclusion zone has been established in a 4-kilometer radius around RPC-834. This is designated OL-Site 834 and is to be referred to as the Henriksson-Olsen Exclusion Zone when deterring civilians from the site. Personnel entering RPC-834 must wear either an Authority standard hazardous material suit or similar suit with a MOPP level of 4 to prevent radiation exposure. Swedish and Authority decontamination crews are to decontaminate the area affected by RPC-834 on a daily basis. Decontamination crews are to use standard chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) decontamination procedures and are to utilize portable and vehicle-mounted decontamination equipment. All instances of RPC-834-1 are to be either sent to Site-002 for study or neutralized on-site, depending on hostility.

As of 31/10/2011, all personnel in OL-Site 834 are to be equipped with an incendiary weapon of their choosing.

Description: RPC-834 is a 2-kilometer forested area in the ██████ province of Sweden. RPC-834 produces radiation via unknown means. RPC-834 is observed to spread at a rate of 5 meters per week if not decontaminated on a daily basis. Daily decontamination does not stop the spread of RPC-834 but instead delays it to an observed speed of 1 millimeter per month.

Radiation produced by RPC-834 causes significant genetic changes in local flora and fauna. Humans have been found to be immune to this mutagenic effect, with radiation emitted behaving identically to normal radiation. Organisms found mutated by RPC-834 are to be referred to as RPC-834-1. Instances of RPC-834-1 tend to be hostile with few exceptions.

Discovery: RPC-834 was discovered on 27/1/2008 when the Swedish government observed high radiation levels in an area 10 kilometers from ████████, Sweden. Due to the sudden appearance of this radiation, a survey of the area was conducted by the Swedish military. When no uranium deposits were found, Authority agents were contacted. A joint containment operation was subsequently put into place. In order to give a cover for containment, a non-functional nuclear power plant was constructed and then detonated via controlled demolition.

Addendum: The following is a list detailing all mutated specimens observed within RPC-834.

Date Base Organism Mutation Observed
27/4/2009 European Hornet Grew to 46 cm in length. Found to be non-hostile. As of 9/12/2010, proven to be tamable and as intelligent as an average domestic dog. One Specimen currently kept for “personal companion testing” by Researcher Petersen at Site-002.
27/4/2009 Grey Wolf Saliva pH decreased to 2. Teeth finely sharpened. Bite force increased to 2,600 PSI. Found to be highly aggressive.
1/5/2009 Red Deer Antler increased in both size and sharpness. Coat Thickened. Females acquired short antlers. No change in behavior was observed. It is assumed the mutation of the Red Deer was to defend from mutated wolf attacks.
13/7/2009 Unknown Plant Size increase significantly, carnivorous traits manifested as well as a capacity for movement. Found to be hostile. Was frequently attacked by mutated hornets.
24/12/2009 Oceanic Whitetip Shark Developed freshwater breathing along with an alternative to ram ventilation. It is unknown how the original specimen entered RPC-834.
7/1/2010 Chimpanzee Developed the ability to walk bipedally. Intelligence increased exponentially, IQ testing showed an average score of 100. Found to be fluent in Swedish. Currently living at Site-002. Named "Lars" by Authority personnel. Specimen entered RPC-834 after breaking out of a local zoo.
29/5/2010 Ostrich Developed sharp teeth and a reptilian appearance. Aggression was unchanged. Brought to exclusion zone for testing on avians.
31/10/2011 [REDACTED] [DATA EXPUNGED] (See Incident Log 834-07)

Incident Log 834-07

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