Registered Phenomena Code: 849

Object Class: Omega-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Teleportation Hazard.

Containment Protocols: As a result of its anomalous properties, RPC-849 cannot be properly contained. Due to the rare occurrence of its manifestations within the general public, it is yet to be considered a major risk to secrecy. To account for the rare event that instances of RPC-849 are caught on camera or recorded by civilians, extensive disinformation campaigns are to be implanted by Authority-owned media outlets across various platforms as per the “Media Anomalous Disinformation” act of 1939. Such sightings of "Men in Black", as now called in popular media, are thus deemphasized as fabricated hoaxes made or spread by conspiracy theorists online.

Personnel and branches within the Authority operating in the fields of “Temporal Displacement” are to read this document, and possess a copy of it within their facility, in the case of an RPC-849 encounter. Personnel that encounter RPC-849 (except for violent encounters) are encouraged to record their conversation with the instance(s) whenever possible.

Personnel are to avoid contact with RPC-849-C instances at all costs. Should an encounter with this instance be unavoidable, immediate offensive actions are to be taken towards its neutralization.

Research into the activity of RPC-849 across the previous decades is undergoing a joint investigation by different branches of the Authority in the search of any discernible pattern that could shed light on the goals of RPC-849.


Police sketch depicting RPC-849-C and two instances of RPC-849-B.

Description: RPC-849, colloquially referred to as the “Simons” by most Authority personnel, is the collective designation for a group of humanoid entities of male appearance ranging from RPC-849-A, -B and -C. Sightings and visuals recorded by both civilians and Authority personnel report said entities as dressed in formal business attire, usually wearing a bowler hat of some kind.1 All instances share similar traits, such as lacking clear facial features, eyebrows, being complete light-gray in skin coloration, having a stylized “S” shaped pin attached to the left wrist of their suits, and talking in singular third-person, starting all phrases with variations of “Simon says/said.”2 RPC-849 instances are almost always seen in groups of two or three, with the exception of RPC-849-C, which always manifests as a singular instance.

RPC-849 instances possess the primary property of being able to teleport to any location, including an unknown location within baseline reality nicknamed “The Headquarters,”3 when left unsupervised. This has led to several complications in effectively containing and monitoring instances due to current technological limitations. Active research into more effective containment for interrogation or research via remote supervision is underway in the Prolab Department of Site-055.

Ongoing dissection of recovered RPC-849 instances reveals that, despite sharing similar levels of resilience to humans, their bodies do not possess any internal organs. The interior structure of these anomalies is filled entirely with a tar-like substance.4 This, alongside their slightly robotic behavior, has led many researchers within the Authority to doubt the self-agency of RPC-849 instances. A popular hypothesis postures that RPC-849 instances act as proxies for RPC-849-1, but a lack of statistically significant data as a result of insufficient containment procedures inhibits further exploration.5

RPC-849 instances, except for RPC-849-C, are commonly docile and will attempt to engage in conversation with any Authority personnel they encounter, often reporting of having known of their arrival or presence beforehand, regardless of what they may happen to be conducting at the moment. However, RPC-849 instances might become violent, utilizing Glock 17MMs as their weapon of choice, should personnel attempt to interrupt the current actions of an instance, show aggressive behavior, or at random intervals with no known causation.

Reports within the Authority database have shown operations conducted by, or involving RPC-849 that would have been otherwise impossible to occur without the direct approval of the country’s standing federal government, or at least small sectors of one. No clear evidence for this can be obtained, however, as requests for documents towards said governments, who shall remain unnamed within this document, have repeatedly been denied or ignored.

The motives for the actions of RPC-849, such as commonly engaging in communication with Authority personnel involved in the use of temporal or dimension displacement, the kidnapping of seemingly unrelated citizens within North and South America, and the intervention of disjoint events across the decades, is still unknown to the Authority. Recently, evidence pointing towards the presence of RPC-849 instances within the internet has been discovered, although more research is required.

Discovery: No exact date of discovery for RPC-849 can be pinpointed, as before former classification, what are now understood to be manifestations of RPC-849-# instances were thought to be non-anomalous events, or in some way related to another anomaly currently being interacted with. However, on September the 8th of 1958, OCEACOM ACI DEP-010 personnel within the region of Indonesia registered an encounter between a cell of the MCP6 thought to have been utilizing anomalous objects for violent operations against the standing government for the last several years, and a-then unknown entity. This meeting was recorded by equipment hidden within the area as follows:

Compiled Documents and Manifestations - RPC-849

The following documents are not organized in any specific order, and only the most relevant pieces of information will be shown here. For full access to this document, please contact Dr. Marco Gutierrez.

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