Registered Phenomena Code: 905

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-sensory.png Sensory

Containment Protocols: The outer doors of RPC-905 are to be chained shut and padlocked (See Addendum 905-1 and Incident 905-1 for more details), with signs instructing passing pedestrians to keep out. The outer perimeter must be patrolled by three ASF Officers wearing civilian security uniforms and carrying sidearms only. Shifts are to rotate every five hours. The chains and padlocks are only to be removed for testing purposes. Under no circumstances are Staff allowed to enter.

Description: RPC-905 is an abandoned warehouse located in the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. The building itself consists of white metal plates with a steel roof. Three doors allow entry to the building, one is a set of steel double doors, one is a delivery entrance, and one is a door right next to the delivery entrance It is unknown as to what the purpose of the warehouse was before abandonment. It was most likely an item storage facility.

Southeast of RPC-905 is a yard surrounded by a barbed chain-linked fence. Graffiti adorns both the yard and the side of the warehouse that faces the street. It is only in the interior of the building where RPC-905's anomalous nature begins to manifest itself.

The interior of the warehouse is completely dark, with all of the windows being blocked and barricaded. Once inside RPC-905 the senses of the subject who entered are diminished by unknown means, although the subject will retain their sense of touch. Subjects entering the building have expressed feelings of unease and vulnerability within the building, feeling of being watched. The following is a list of unusual occurrences within RPC-905. All these phenomena cease when the subject attempts to illuminate the source.

  • Humans of unknown race or gender are seen on the periphery of flashlight beams. Some subjects state these people seem deformed or entirely inhuman altogether.
  • When the interior of RPC-905 is illuminated, the lights will die out at an abnormal rate. This is most likely because illuminating RPC-905 negates all anomalous effects. Though the power of the light itself will not be reduced.
  • Persons who enter RPC-905 bump into what feels like another person, or another thing. This causes stress in the subject.
  • Mangled bodies found inside of RPC-905 are reported to reanimate approximately 24 hours after their supposed death.
  • Subjects who enter RPC-905 and encounter the mangled creatures have a 50% chance to return in a box either dead or alive.

Fully illuminating RPC-905 negates all anomalous effects, but light sources used burn out in a quarter of the expected time. Once the lights in RPC-905 begin to dim to about 50%, this effect ends.

RPC-905-1 are reanimated corpses of subjects who have been killed inside RPC-905, and are hostile to everyone they encounter but themselves and other instances.

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