An instance of RPC-908-2 in the "private" form.

Registered Phenomena Code: 908

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Contact Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Grouped Hazard

Containment Protocols: An exclusion zone has been established in a 10 kilometer radius around RPC-908. This exclusion zone is referred to as OL-Site 908. In the event that a civilian comes across the exclusion zone, they are to be administered amnestics immediately and transported to their place of residence. In the unlikely event a civilian breaches OL-Site-908, they are to be shot on sight. All on-site personnel are to wear a modified Authority hazardous materials suit with cold-negating padding inside. MST Bravo-4 "Siberian Tigers" has been assigned to patrol OL-Site 908. MST Bravo-4 are to be armed with incendiary weaponry to interrupt the injury negating regeneration abilities of RPC-908-2 instances. Most instances of RPC-908-2 are known to use firearms, thus extreme caution must be utilized. In case an engagement breaks out between a large group of RPC-908-2 and MST Bravo-4, OL-Site 908's armory is stocked with ample equipment. If any personnel come into contact with RPC-908 in any way without a hazardous materials suit, or if their hazardous material suit is damaged, they are to be considered an instance of RPC-908-2 and shot on sight. A liquefied instance of RPC-908 is to be kept at an on-site laboratory for study. Manned exploration of RPC-908-1 by MST Bravo-4 is only permitted when absolutely necessary.

Description: RPC-908 is an autotrophic bacterium-like pathogen that resembles ice to the naked eye. RPC-908 is observed to liquefy at 1 degree Celsius, where it is considered dormant. RPC-908 only infects in its solid state. RPC-908 spreads rapidly in areas below -3 degrees Celsius, where RPC-908 will rapidly change its environment to further spread itself. Any area transformed by RPC-908 is to be designated RPC-908-1. RPC-908 can infect via contact to skin, and inhalation in areas considered RPC-908-1. Any human infected by RPC-908 is to be considered an instance of RPC-908-2. It has been observed that RPC-908 can only infect humans. There is an estimated number of 1,500 RPC-908-2 instances. It is theorized that RPC-908 was originally created as a bio-weapon, judging by its infectious traits and the location of the only instance of RPC-908.

The only known instance of RPC-908-1 is the ████████ Research Station at the epicenter of OL-Site 908 in the northern area of the Krasnoyarsk Krai region in Siberia, Russia. RPC-908-1 instances are considered temperature hazards due to their average recorded temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius. RPC-908-1 is observed to generate 1 meter of RPC-908 every 30 days. This generation rate is drastically increased when a temperature of 1 degree Celsius or higher is detected within RPC-908-1, with the exception of human body temperature. This generation appears to originate from the epicenter of RPC-908-1, referred to as "The Core" by RPC-908-2 instances.

RPC-908-2 instances are identical to humans albeit with paler skin and opaque black corneas. Following initial infection, the subject will seek cooler temperatures. The subject will feel more agitated, and will transform into RPC-908-2 over the course of 15 minutes. RPC-908-2 will regenerate any wounds by remaining in close proximity to RPC-908. This regeneration is gradually sped up near the "Core" of RPC-908-1. All instances of RPC-908-2 retain human intelligence, appearing to communicate in their native languages, as well as being able to use firearms. 4 forms of RPC-908-2 have been observed, and have been dubbed sergeants, corporals, privates, and scientists, according to their roles at RPC-908-1 pre-infection. Through this, it is theorized that RPC-908 changes its infection pattern based on physical prowess of the host.

The scientist form appears to be extremely malnourished, with RPC-908 "spikes" appearing around their bodies. Upon being within half a meter of an uninfected human, the instance will punch their chest, causing the RPC-908 shards to exit the body at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, killing the host in the process. Bodies of uninfected individuals can re-animate as this form.

The private form appears to have absolutely no changes over the original human, besides being infected by RPC-908. Private forms can not infect humans with RPC-908 directly. Instead, private forms utilize firearms to attack uninfected humans. Private forms can infect if holding an RPC-908 shard from either a scientist or sergeant form. Corporal forms appear to be the exact same as private forms, with the exception of having a single shard of RPC-908 in their skin. This shard is retractable, and can be used as a weapon by the instance. Corporal forms also appear to regenerate at a faster rate than private forms. Corporal forms also carry firearms, much like private forms, but attack with their RPC-908 shard far more frequently.

Sergeant forms deviate the most from the other three forms. Sergeant forms appear the same as the previous two forms when not in combat. When uninfected humans are spotted, the sergeant forms will form protective armor around themselves with RPC-908. RPC-908 also appears to manifest as "claws" on sergeant forms, allowing faster attacks. The sergeant forms can not utilize firearms due to this. Sergeant forms also gain two new functioning appendages made out of RPC-908. These appendages are capable of firing RPC-908 shards through unknown means. Sergeant forms also have the fastest regeneration periods. When a sergeant form dies, all lower forms surrounding it will retreat, or, in very rare incidents, "surrender" while holding shards of RPC-908. However, in the only recorded instance of this occurring, the instance was contained before it was able to utilize the RPC-908 shard.1

Discovery: RPC-908 was discovered on 21/1/2003, but it is known that the first RPC-908 infection happened on 7/1/2003. After two weeks of radio science, the Russian government sent a reconnaissance team to investigate. The reconnaissance team set up remote cameras and went inside of RPC-908-1. the reconnaissance team was lost. later that day, the reconnaissance team was recorded leaving RPC-908-1 as instances of RPC-908-2. The Russian government contacted the Authority, and OL-Site 908 was set up.

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