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A whole instance of RPC-919-1.


Registered Phenomena Code: 919

Object Class: Alpha - White

Hazard Types: Extra-Terrestrial

Containment Protocols: RPC-919 and RPC-919-1 manifestations are currently prevented via the employee selection criteria of all sites containing Transcendental Breakfast Anomalies.1 No employee may handle or otherwise interact with multiple UR-Breakfast designated anomalies without obtaining manager approval and briefing on the effects of RPC-919. For approval requests and more information, please submit Quizlet Form B-TBA-03: Breakfast Buffet, Transcendental Breakfast Anomalies and You via your employee portal.

Description: RPC-919 refers to the subsequent effects of exposure to multiple UR-Breakfast anomalies,2 characterized by the incremental upsurge of sightings, cravings, dreams and hallucinations pertaining to toast. RPC-919 encounters initially escalate slowly, at one to two sightings per day. After a period of multiple weeks encounters begin to increase noticeably, and subjects will begin to both dream of and hallucinate about toast and/or the consumption of it. 

RPC-919-1 instances are a single piece of diagonally cut, golden brown toast. Instances are formed from 12.7cm x 12.7cm x 1.27cm slices of white bread, and typically have one bite missing from a corner.3 The object is always coated on one face with salted butter, which has melted into the bread. After several months of a subject being affected by RPC-919, an instance of RPC-919-1 can be identified by heat sensors within the Hubble Space Telescope4 approaching from the direction of NGC 224.5 Due to the object's size, the maximum detection distance instances have been sighted at is 2,873,684 km.6 RPC-919-1 instances are seen to travel towards Earth at speeds approximately between 635 and 672km/hr. Due to the object's infinitesimal size, it is currently impossible to pinpoint the exact origin of RPC-919-1, though because of its speed, it is believed to come from a location far closer than the NGC 224.7 From the initial sighting instances take between 178 to 188 days to arrive on Earth. 

Observing the temperature fluctuation of RPC-919-1 instances reveals that despite passing through areas of space ranging from -234.8 °C to 248°C, the object maintains a constant external temperature of 45°C. After several months of traveling towards Earth, RPC-919-1 will enter into the atmosphere at a trajectory adequate to reach the affected subject. It has been observed that RPC-919-1 does not make adjustments to its course; Rather atmospheric collisions and windspeeds reliably direct it in the required trajectory in order to land directly next to or in the hands of the affected subject. A significant portion of RPC-919-1 instances will disintegrate or be destroyed before reaching the subject,8 and a large number will arrive to the subjects having sustained significant burns.9 However, many instances remain stable at 45°C even during atmospheric entry. Before receiving the instance of RPC-919-1, subjects will feel a strong urge to go outdoors and will experience prompting hallucinations should they resist. Atmospheric deceleration is typically successful in reducing the objects' speed sufficiently for it to be caught. Subjects that successfully receive an RPC-919-1 instance will experience a strong accompanied hallucination,10 while those whose instances burned up in the atmosphere will experience an auditory hallucination of chewing. This event marks the end of RPC-919's effect. RPC-919-1 is safe for subjects to consume, but its anomalous effects do not persist if it is left unconsumed. 

Possible yet undiscovered ancient TBA anomalies are being extensively researched and speculation into their probable interactions is ongoing. Plans are in the work to launch a research probe to the supposed origin of RPC-919-1 by January of 2022.

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