Amazing! Co.'s Everyday Christmas Tree





RPC-926-6 in a residential home prior to confiscation by MST Echo-9 ("Toy Soldiers").


Registered Phenomena Code: 926

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-grouped.png Grouped h-transmutation.png Transmutation

Containment Protocols: RPC-926-1 through RPC-926-10 are to be kept in an Alpha-Containment warehouse at Site-002. All 10 instances must be placed in the center of said containment storage to prevent overflows of RPC-926-A instances.

All RPC-926-A instances produced during the Holiday season are to be taken out of their wrapping and delivered to the government program "Toys for Tots" in order to decrease the number of instances kept inside the warehouse at any time and to prevent the containment storage from being damaged in any way.1

Currently, no hazardous properties have been attributed to both RPC-926 and RPC-926-A instances. Testing to prove otherwise has been deemed unnecessary.

Description: RPC-926 instances resemble ordinary commercial Christmas trees ranging 1.8m in height, possessing a similar coloration to ordinary pine trees while being constructed entirely from PVC plastic. RPC-926 instances include decorations such as multi-colored LED lights, glass/plastic ornaments, and a red bow or star placed at the top.

RPC-926's anomalous effect occurs every day at approximately 12:00 AM, where a total of 5 apparently innocuous children's toys, now referred to as RPC-926-A, will appear at its base. The anomalous event will always occur at midnight regardless of the timezone. As of writing, it is impossible to see or record the way in which RPC-926 instances manifest, seemingly just appearing when a line of sight is broken with RPC-926 instances.

After close examination, no fingerprints or any sort of markings or brand have been found on an RPC-926-A instance. No information has yet been found regarding the manufacturing of RPC-926-A instances.

RPC-926-A instances resemble ordinary Christmas gifts with multiple styles of gift wrapping and multiple shapes including rectangular, cubed, and at times cylindrical. The material from which RPC-926-A instances are created has been seen to be ordinary gift wrapping paper and is non-anomalous. The largest RPC-926-A instances to date are 0.91m x 1.2m x 0.91m and the smallest is 12.7cm x 12.7cm x 7.6cm.

Within each RPC-926-A instances are toys usually given to children. To date, the oddest object unwrapped was a Colt LE6920 SOCOM II AR-15. It is still unknown as to why a firearm was inside an instance of RPC-926-A although this was the only time in which a weapon had been found within an RPC-926-A instance.

Discovery Log: RPC-926 first came to the attention of the Authority after mall security guard Robert Conway of the Denver Pavilions mall reported on 12/22/2008 of multiple decorative Christmas trees restocking gifts below them without anyone having to place them, claiming it happened as if Santa himself placed them without him knowing. Afterward, the Authority had taken Conway into Authority custody for further questioning.

Further investigation led the Authority to a group of 3 mall Santas who were not aware of RPC-926's anomalous properties claiming they were told by an anonymous group of people to "just give them the gifts". Later it was noted that the anonymous group of people was identified as the group of interest Amazing! Co.2 Although no personal identification of a member of said group of interest had been uncovered during the investigation.

Amazing! Co. had been utilizing these mall Santas to give children gifts from the RPC-926 instances. Said mall Santas were detained for further questioning. RPC-926-1 through 5 were confiscated afterward. Both the mall Santas and the security guard were administered Class A-3 amnestics after the investigations had ended.

Incident Report 926.1: On 2/9/2009 a storage unit at a local "Extra Space Storage" located in ██████, Washington had been overrun with RPC-926-A instances after an instance of RPC-926 had been stored within the unit. The walls and main door of said storage unit had been severely damaged and according to employees "It's like it was about to explode or something". Ms. Alice Fuller, the owner of the storage unit, had attempted to open the storage leading to the eventual collapse of the walls and door.

Local news broadcasted the event which caught the attention of the Authority. Authority assets arrived just 3 hours after the original broadcast to contain RPC-926-7 and the multiple RPC-926-A instances. Fuller alongside the employees of Extra Space Storage involved with the situation had been administered Class A-1 amnestics. News broadcasts mentioning RPC-926-7 and RPC-926-A have been taken down and proved as false information. A cover story was given to explain the reason for the storage unit being destroyed.

Addendum 926.1: Upon retrieval of RPC-926-8, RPC-926-9, and RPC-926-10 it was noted that these instances had been placed on display with a sign which read the following:

Amazing! Co. Greatly Presents the Great Everyday Christmas Tree! No wait for next Christmas to have gifts now that you have this! Buy one and it become Christmas Every single day of the whole year! Merry Christmas from Amazing! Co.

As of to date, no new instances of RPC-926 have been discovered.

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