Faulty Authoritarian Shock Trooper





Registered Phenomena Code: 929-NC

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression, Mechanical, Ballistic, Sapient, Extra-dimensional, Info-hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-929-NC is to be held within a heavy humanoid containment unit that utilizes a mechanical vault door instead of a standard electromagnetic lock door. The unit is to be lit with metal halide lamps; collectively creating at least 3000 lumens of light at all times. This unit is to be encased within a secondary containment unit also outfitted with a mechanical vault door and metal halide lamps. Neither of these containment units are to have electronic surveillance equipment present inside of them. Instead RPC-929-NC's presence is to be verified by manual inspection once every 6 hours, and is to be conducted by heavily armed ASF personnel.

Under no circumstances are computational devices allowed within 50m of RPC-929-NC's containment unit.

In the event that RPC-929-NC is found not to be present within its containment unit after an inspection, a containment breach alarm is to be sounded and all outside communications are to be cut. MST Yankee-17 ("Anti-Magic") has been assigned to RPC-929-NC for the purpose re-containment and threat assessment.

Authority: Site-002 Director, Erickson
Reasoning: Object possesses an extremely high breach risk, and may eventually prove impossible to re-contain.

Description: RPC-929-NC is a humanoid robotic entity standing at approximately 1.6 meters tall, and having a mass of 46kg. RPC-929-NC has pitch black "skin" made of a single layer of graphene covering an unknown black rubber-like silicon compound that is connected to RPC-929-NC's endoskeleton. Clothing with an appearance similar to that of standard military attire is permanently affixed to RPC-929-NC's endoskeleton. This attire appears to have a glowing red and purple outline when viewed, making it visible in complete darkness, and more durable than Kevlar military attire. Additionally, a scratched out Righteous Centralized Protection Agency logo is present on back of RPC-929-NC's attire.

RPC-929-NC's eyes are completely white, lacking a discernible pupil or iris. RPC-929-NC's eyes are capable of detecting thaumaturgic energy within 500m of itself. Additionally, RPC-929-NC is capable of making its eyes glow with a brightness of 5000 Lumens, mimicking the effects of a spotlight.

RPC-929-NC shows greatly reduced activity when in the presence of light sources greater 2000 lumen, and a relative ultraviolet measurement higher than 400 (µW/lumen). This is believed to be the result of the thaumaturgic energy detection devices used being rapidly toggled, due to the devices mistaking ultraviolet radiation for potential thaumaturgic energy.

RPC-929-NC is capable of instantaneously transmitting itself through any computational device that has an anomalous file, designated as RPC-929-NC-1, on it. This can include any device that the file is sent to, such as in email attachments or in direct messages, said device need not download RPC-929-NC-1 to be an open gateway source for RPC-929-NC. Additionally, RPC-929-NC is capable of wirelessly transmitting copies of RPC-929-NC-1 onto computational devices within its line of sight, or within 10 meters of itself.

RPC-929-NC is capable of summoning and dismissing a weapon, designated as RPC-929-NC-2, at will. RPC-929-NC-2 has an appearance similar to that of an assault rifle, and an approximate length of 66cm. RPC-929-NC-2 can be used by RPC-929-NC to fire bolts of super heated plasma at speeds in excess of 1200m/s, at a fire-rate of 600rpm. These bolts have an average length of 5cm and an average diameter of 3mm. RPC-929-NC is capable of firing RPC-929-NC-2 with an extreme degree of accuracy up to a distance 500m with an exponentially increasing degree of inaccuracy past that point. The exact means by which RPC-929-NC-2 functions is currently unknown.

RPC-929-NC is capable of speech, and can understand spoken language. RPC-929-NC expresses an extreme hatred of the RCPA. The entity claims that the RCPA is, "an unjust organization with a perverse sense of justice" and that the RCPA is in "direct conflict with the human right of freedom." Additionally, RPC-929-NC has come to the conclusion that the RPC Authority will eventually follow the same path as the RCPA, and has manifested a hatred of the Authority because of this.

Discovery: RPC-929-NC was discovered by Authority agents during an assault by The Array on an Association for Ecclesiastical Primacy facility in an unpopulated area of Eastern Australia on 28/09/2017. Of note is that both sides were deploying anomalous assets during the engagement. RPC-929-NC was first discovered fighting for AEP forces by MST Foxtrot-04 ("Prey") and was contained after an anomalous weapon used by the Array rendered it incapable of movement for 4 hours.

Eventually, through the cutoff of supplies by Authority forces, the conflict died down. Resulting in the majority of Array assets retreating from the AO. Various documents, some of which were related to RPC-929-NC, were recovered from AEP defensive structures located on the battlefield.

Note from ACI: The relationship between the AEP and the Array has always been tenuous at best. This is not just one incident between the two GOIs, it's the result of a long series of events. And the ACI fears that it's just the beginning.

Addendum.1: Received Array files

Foreword: The following file has was sent via email to Authority assets by Array agents, and has been deemed mostly non-sensitive by ACI personnel.

Recovered RCPA Files

29/09/2017, 1:31 AM

I apologize for the lack of communication about the operation in Australia yesterday, but we determined that it was required to prevent the AEP from using dangerous assets. Additionally, I have taken the liberty of attaching the following files that were retrieved from the RCPA. They will shed some light on our actions yesterday.

Addendum.2: Recovered AEP documents

Foreword: The following is from a sensitive AEP file, and only the addendum has been allowed to be attached to the RPC-929-NC file by the ACI, as such the ID on the file has been censored.

Addendum: AEP-███ was discovered during an RCPA incursion near Facility-093, during which AEP-███ was initially discovered fight for RCPA forces. However, after the incursion gate was closed, AEP-███ turned against its comrades and supported AEP forces. The following is an interview between AEP-███ and an AEP operator.

Interviewed: AEP-███

Interviewer: Agent ██████ ████

Foreword: Interview occurred on the scene of AEP-███'s discovery.

<Begin Log>

Agent ██████: Who are you?

AEP-███: DMST #31, I was built as a protector for the RCPA.

Agent ██████: But why did you turn against them?

AEP-███: On ██/██/████ my squad commander's son was determined by the Authority Justice Division to be a dissident, and was executed for his treason.

Agent ██████:

AEP-███: After his son was executed, he defected to PCEAO forces and took me with him. The rest of the DMSTs were recalled after the PCEAO discovered a means to weaponize our relocation ability against them. Then I was the only DMST in existence.

AEP-███: I continued to fight for the PCEAO even after my squad commander was KIA. I felt as if I had a purpose, if I didn't help the PCEAO then humanity would remain oppressed… I don't know why I felt this way…

Agent ██████: So you came here because you were ordered to fight the RCPA. if I am not mistaken.

AEP-███: That's not the whole story. No, I came here because I came across some intelligence detailing that the RCPA had come across an alternate reality where they hadn't taken over the world. I couldn't stand by as they invaded destroyed the freedoms of another reality. So I took action and came here.

Agent ██████: Would you be willing to work for the AEP?

AEP-███: Excuse me?

Agent ██████: The Association for Ecclesiastical Primacy is an organization dedicated to the containment and use of anomalous objects for the benefit of humanity.

AEP-███: I'm sorry, but that won't help me defeat RCPA.

Agent ██████: The AEP also works to prevent the incursion of the RCPA into our reality. As you could probably tell by our military response to their incursion here.

AEP-███: Oh, I didn't notice….

Note: The rest of the interview log was removed from the RPC-929-NC file on the request of ACI personnel.

Addendum.3: Recovered communications between GOI-023 and GOI-006

Foreword: All sensitive parts of these communications have been censored by ACI personnel.

RCPA Artifact

26/09/2017, 5:31 AM

It has came to the Array's attention that the AEP has come into the possession of a high-risk RCPA artifact. This artifact has the potential to generate singularities, which pose an extreme threat to humanity if created with enough energy. Because of this the Array asks the Association to surrender the artifact you refer to as AEP-███ to Array custody for immediate annihilation.

RE: RCPA Artifact

████ ██████
26/09/2017, 8:19 AM

Dear, C80E14

The Association does not give up its own, and information given by AEP-███ indicates that it doesn't possess the aforementioned abilities. Additionally, the AEP Association does not negotiate with terrorists, let alone robot terrorists.

Sincerely, A-V ████ ██████

RE: RE: RCPA Artifact

26/09/2017, 9:42 AM

If you don't comply, then you are putting humanity in unnecessary danger. Which is not a risk the Array is not willing to take, and we will be forced to annihilate AEP-███ by force. Please do not force our hand.

RE: RE: RE: RCPA Artifact

████ ██████
26/09/2017, 10:13 AM

Dear, C80E14

The Association is more than capable of dealing with your kind, as we have done so many times before. So you better be prepared, because the Association is mighty and we will wipe your miserable organization from the face of this Earth.

Sincerely, A-V ████ ██████

RE: RE: RE: RE: RCPA Artifact

26/09/2017, 11:38 AM

To be an enemy of the Array is to be an enemy of humanity; your annihilation will be swift.

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