Photo recovered from RPC-943 depicting entrenched British soldiers. The original caption reads "Our brave boys in Passchendaele!"

Registered Phenomena Code: 943

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Extra-dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: Security checkpoints have been set up within a 1-kilometer radius of RPC-943. MST personnel stationed at this checkpoint are to be disguised as members of the United States National Park Service. If any civilians attempt to enter this area, they are to be detained and sent to the nearest law enforcement agency. In the event that a civilian enters the cave housing RPC-943, they are to be forcefully administered amnestics and recruited as CSD personnel. Any and all items brought back from RPC-943 must be logged, and are to be sent to Site-002. If a live human originating from RPC-943 is taken outside of it, the person is to be interviewed as soon as possible.


"Pershing Mk.1" tank being tested by Authority personnel, 2009.

Description: RPC-943 is a space-time anomaly, located within a cave inside the Isle Royale National Park on Isle Royale, Michigan. RPC-943 will change in size depending on the object attempting to enter or exit it, usually having the dimensions of 3 meters by 3 meters. RPC-943's anomalous properties manifest when entered. Upon entry into RPC-943, the subject will be sent into an alternate version of Detroit, Michigan during the First World War. The alternate version of the First World War possesses technology equivalent to that of the 1980's, with two major exceptions. These exceptions are that nuclear weapons do not exist and that cameras are unchanged from those existing during the First World War. It has been observed that this location can be changed when the subject thinks about a location. The subject has two ways to exit RPC-943, these being death while inside RPC-9431 and re-entry into RPC-943's "Portal". RPC-943's "Portal" will always manifest behind the subject. RPC-943's portal is reported to be invisible to human subjects found within RPC-943, but visible to the subject that has entered RPC-943. Time does not function normally within RPC-943, seeming to stop upon the exit of the subject, and reversing or advancing according to the subject's thoughts upon entry.

Addendum-943-A—Discovery: RPC-943 was discovered on 1/6/2009, when a Canadian tourist entered RPC-943, only to exit it two minutes later. The tourist proceeded to inform several park rangers, who later confirmed the anomalous effect. Authority agents were alerted, and containment was set up two days later. The tourist was issued amnestics to prevent exposure of RPC-943.

Addendum-943-B—Items Recovered from RPC-943: The following is a list of items recovered from RPC-943.

Item Name Equivalent Differences
Pershing Mk. 1 Tank M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank Despite being the most similar to the original variant of the M1 Abrams, a 120mm cannon has been noted. Second World War-esque paint scheme.
M1907A2 Automatic Rifle M16A2 Assault Rifle Springfield Armory markings.
M1913 Kevlar Helmet and M1913 Kevlar Vest PASGT Armor System Minor coloring difference in the camouflage pattern equivalent to M81 woodland.
Sikorsky Ilya-13 "Orel" Aircraft MiG-29 Fighter Jet Imperial Russian Air Service roundels and fin flash.
Mauser M1900 Pistol Walther P1 Service Pistol Mauser markings. A red colored "9" painted on the grip.
Mosin M1895 Sniper Rifle SVD Sniper Rifle No markings.
Lee-Enfield "Bruss" Machine Gun FN MAG Machine Gun Lee-Enfield markings. Chambered for .303 British.
M1918 "Feldtarn" Uniform Bundeswehr Uniform, Circa 1988 Flecktarn camouflage pattern noted. Helmet recovered was made of Kevlar as opposed to steel.
P-Model Respirator Avon S10 Gas Mask Khaki-colored. No factory markings. Filter labeled "MG", presumed to mean mustard gas.

Photo recovered from RPC-943 depicting a "Sturmpanzer M1917" (Leopard 2).

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