Registered Phenomena Code:

Object Class: Omega-Red

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Incorporeal Hazard, Contact Hazard, Immeasurable Hazard, Visual Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Mind-Regression Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to the nature of RPC-968, complete containment, as well as public collateral, is both non-feasible and unavoidable. As such, containment will focus on the rapid response to a confirmed manifestation of RPC-968, and the subsequent minimization of civilian casualties to exposure of the anomaly. Several Authority outposts are to be stationed and manned by ASF units in regions where RPC-968 is known to frequently manifest, personnel within these outposts are to constantly monitor social media and emergency services for reports of RPC-968's manifestation. In the event of a confirmed manifestation, a Shelter In Place Emergency Action Message is to be broadcasted to the surrounding region, and ASF operatives are to patrol said region, locate RPC-968, and ensure that no civilian has been transformed into an instance of RPC-968-A.1 These operatives will have special helmet-ware that prevents the visual aspect of RPC-968 from taking affect. If a civilian is found to have become an instance of RPC-968-A, ASF operatives are to restrain the instance to prevent it from making contact with RPC-968. Once an instance makes contact with RPC-968, no further action is to be taken. Captured instances of RPC-968-A are to be transported to the nearest Authority facility for study and eventual disposal.

Under no circumstances are operatives to attempt to find the origin of RPC-968, nor make contact with it. Direct contact with the anomaly will result in an instantaneous transformation into an instance of RPC-968-A, regardless of whether unprotected visual contact was made. Especially, no attempts will be made to cut RPC-968, this action will directly result [DATA EXPUNGED]. The Fish shall be ignorant of The Ones Above.

Description: RPC-968 is a construct which takes the form of a common fishing hook, attached to fishing line, along with a sinker. The exact length of the fishing line is unknown, however the hook and sinker both measure approximately 1 meter (~3 ft.) in length. By all accounts, the parts that make up RPC-968 all appear to be common materials, with the line being made of acrylic nylon, and the sinker and hook being made of lead and steel respectively. It is inconclusive where the phenomenon of RPC-968 originates from, however, in all recorded manifestations, the sinker and the hook, attached to the line, are known to descend from the sky, and will stop descending when they are roughly 15 meters (~50 ft.) from the ground. Once RPC-968 is at this height, the construct will typically sway in certain directions, usually towards population centers, where it will remain for civilians to make visual contact with it. This behavior suggests [DATA EXPUNGED]. The Fish shall be ignorant of the intentions of The Ones Above.

When visual contact is made with the hook and sinker of RPC-968, subjects will first tense up and remain in the same position for roughly thirty seconds, after which, they will begin to ascend roughly 4 meters (~13 ft.) in the air, at this point, subjects will have become instances of RPC-968-A. Instances of RPC-968-A are generally unchanged in terms of characteristics of a normal human subject, however several key distinctions are present. Firstly, the subjects eyes will be completely transformed, the organs that make up the front half of the eye, from the cornea to the pupil, will no longer be present within the subject, it is unclear how these are removed, as the vitreous and sclera remains intact. The absence of these parts of the eye also seems to have no effect on RPC-968-A, as instances display behavior which suggests adequate eyesight. The Fish are not worthy to gaze upon The Ones Above.
In addition to their transformed eyes, RPC-968-A instances arms will become fused to their torso, while their legs will become fused together down to the ankle. Instances are able to freely move their hands and feet in this condition, and will use them as a method of propulsion through the air. Instances are capable of traversing through the air up to the same height as RPC-968, how they are able to remain suspended in the air is unknown, as the subjects mass is relatively unchanged from before they became RPC-968-A instances. The Fish shall use their new gifts to feed The Ones Above.
RPC-968-A instances will typically use their new found mobility to approach RPC-968, where they will circle the construct as it remains motionless, multiple instances are known to circle RPC-968 at a time. After a certain point, one instance will bite down onto the hook of RPC-968, becoming ensnared by the barb, where it will then ascend into the sky at a rapid pace, the hook and sinker will then descend again, with the previous RPC-968-A instance being absent, and another instance will bite down on the hook. RPC-968 is known to collect roughly 5 to 7 instances of RPC-968-A at a time. After several instances have been collected, RPC-968 will rise into they sky once again and will not re-descend for several months, it will also not descend in the same area in successive manifestation events. The Ones Above shall be grateful to the Fish for their sacrifice.
Discovery: RPC-968 is one of the oldest known anomalous phenomena, with the first recorded manifestation of the anomaly estimated to have taken place in █,███ B.C.E., on the island of Sicily, several ancient people groups describe [DATA EXPUNGED]. The Fish are not worthy to know of The Ones Above Beginnings.
Addendum: 968-1, Behavioral studies of captured RPC-968-A instances.

After the de-manifestation of RPC-968, RPC-968-A instances have been recorded as behaving in a generally docile manner, usually remaining in the area where RPC-968 manifested. Instances do not appear to take in or require sustenance, and will choose not to interact with each other even while in close proximity to one another. The only way to elicit a response from an instance is if direct contact is made, and even then, the subject will usually attempt to move away from whomever is attempting to make contact with it. There is however one common behavioral trait among all instances; should RPC-968 re-manifest, all instances will face and attempt to move toward the direction of the anomaly. Instances do not require a line of sight to be aware of RPC-968, and there appears to be no limit to the instances awareness of RPC-968 at any point in the world, as some instances have been recorded as being aware of RPC-968 when it has manifested on a separate continent. The Fish are always willing to serve The Ones Above.

Addendum: 968-2, Behavioral and field studies of RPC-968.

Security Incident: 968-1, Tampering of files in relation to RPC-968 by Authority assets.

After extensive tests were performed on both RPC-968, as well as RPC-968-A instances, The findings of these tests were saved to properly encrypted files onto the primary Authority Database. Sometime afterwards, it was discovered that nearly all of the findings of those tests were tampered with by several of the Authority's own technical engineers, with some logs even being lost forever. The IP Addresses of the administrators who had access to these logs was back-traced, and an attempt was made to confront those responsible, however, all employees who were found to have tampered with files in relation to RPC-968 did so from their own living spaces. MST Units were deployed in unison to the homes of these alleged perpetrators in an attempt to stop what was initially believed to be a coordinated effort, as teams moved in, all suspects were found to have become an instance of RPC-968-A. Security tapes from within Authority sites, as well as public tapes documenting their path of travel to their houses, show that at no point did any employee encounter RPC-968, and the one tape from the employee who had security cameras within their house was also found to have become corrupted. This is Our only warning.

After a heated deliberation by the Global Directors, it was decided that no further tests were to be committed on RPC-968, and no attempts would be made to salvage the corrupt data file containing information on RPC-968. The file will however remain in the archive for clerical purposes. Do not question The Ones Above again.

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