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Registered Phenomena Code: 983

Object Class: Gamma-White (Neutralized)

Hazard Types: Extra-terrestrial Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard, Sapient Hazard N/A

Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Site-988

Research Lead: Lead Researcher Mariana

Assigned MST(s): N/A

Director of Containment: N/A


Containment Protocols: As of 8/15/1969, the AEDF Jericho-10 satellite is currently within Saturn's orbit with the task of observing RPC-983.

A coverup has been implemented, labeling RPC-983 as a minor moon orbiting far from Saturn. Several field agents have been deployed within NASA headquarters in order to remove and edit all information regarding RPC-983's anomalous nature.

As of 2/9/2017, no containment procedures are required for RPC-983. Please see the addenda for more information regarding RPC-983's neutralization.

Description: RPC-983 is a Buddha head that is entirely composed of stone and is 71.6 meters in radius. Currently, RPC-983 is in orbit about the planet Saturn, orbiting roughly 1.1 thousand km from Saturn's surface.

RPC-983 has been found to be tidally locked with Saturn, despite the position of the object. This is considered to be anomalous as RPC-983 orbits too far away from Saturn for this to occur naturally.

RPC-983 is sapient, being able to communicate through emission of radio waves. The process by which RPC-983 is able to produce and emit radio waves is unknown. RPC-983 does not actively communicate with personnel on its own accord, but most attempts to communicate with the object have been successful. RPC-983 views the planet Saturn as a relative or possibly a romantic partner. RPC-983 claims to have known an entity which resides as or within the planet Saturn, although RPC-983 has not delivered specific details regarding said entity.

RPC-983 speaks in standard morse code. The reason for this is currently unknown.

Addendum 983.1: Interview Log 983.1

Addendum 983.2: On 1/9/2017, RPC-983 began deliberately communicating with Jericho-10. This event is of note because RPC-983 had not attempted to converse with the Authority for over 50 years.

Jericho-10, during logs 2, 3, 4, and 5, was attended by Doctor L. Ings. Dr. Ings specializes in the therapeutic treatment of sapient RPC objects. Log 6, however, was attended by Researcher Murphy due to Dr. Ings's absence at the time.

Note: RPC-983 has been completely silent for a month now. Researcher Murphy has been disciplined appropriately due to his misbehavior around RPC-983.

Addendum 983.6: On 2/8/2017, RPC-983 began communicating with Jericho-10 after a month. The following log reads as such:

After one month had passed, it was hypothesized that RPC-983 and the Jericho-10 satellite would move within viewing distance again. However, RPC-983 was not present. As of this document's most recent revision, RPC-983's location remains unknown.

Note: Due to this event, I request that RPC-983 be reclassified to Neutralized for the time being. I would also like to have a quick word with Researcher Murphy. — Doctor Ings


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