Site-009 is a maximum security prison utilized by The Authority on detaining multiple individuals that include double agents (or defectors), government contract violators and individuals abusing RPC entities while in possession of the functionality of that entity.






Prison & Humanoid Containment Facility



Established: 21/04/1940.

Front Cover: Village of Den'gi Derev'ya1 (Previously Camp DD-03).

Location: October Revolution Island.

Codename: "Hyperion"

Hex-code: [09]

Site Occupation: Penitentiary, Humanoid Containment.

Division Jurisdiction: Protection, Containment.

Total Area: ████ km2

Overview: Site-009 is a maximum-security prison, currently the largest Humanoid Containment facility utilized by The Authority. Individuals detained here include but are not limited to: CSD personnel, humanoid RPC's, lesser anomalous individuals, double agents (or defectors), and government contract violators. In addition, Site-009 serves as the primary holding location for MST Romeo-7 (''Suited Gentlemen'), and MST Tango-12 (''Eye From The Sky'').

Offices, Wings, and Levels2

  • Den'gi Derev'ya - The village features several housing blocks for on-site personnel, a military airfield, several barracks occupied by MST Alpha-21 and Tango-12, and a radio tower.
  • Administration Core - Located at the main entrance of Site-009, this section is responsible for the majority of the operations within the site. The following main departments have been stationed with their respective office: Human Resources, Analysis and Science, Security and Military Coordination, and On-site Maintenance.
  • CSD Personnel Block - Currently the largest area of Site-009, CSD Personnel may be detained in this prison for a maximum of 3 weeks before getting transferred to a different Site. During their station, CSD personnel may be involved in recreational activities in the form of basic training programs, whose purpose is to facilitate (and even encourage) working for the Authority as a human guinea pig.
  • Humanoid Containment Block - The most secure part of the facility, reinforced with several explosive-resistant structures and capable of containing a total number of ███ Beta-class Humanoid anomalies. A special monitoring team oversees every ASF asset on routine, in order to coordinate all re-containment operations that may arise from Containment Failure.3
  • Lesser Anomalous Persons Containment Block - Similar in design to the CSD Personnel Block, this area has been refitted to contain individuals whose anomalous properties are minor or mundane in nature and can be successfully contained using the standard Humanoid Containment Protocols.
  • Non-Anomalous Containment Block - The primary location for non-anomalous PoIs, most commonly:
  • Individuals that are directly linked to the origin, effects, location, or any information in relation to one or several RPC objects.
  • Demoted Authority personnel who became rogue agents due to varying circumstances.
  • Prisoners of war, captured after one or several conflicts between the Authority and another Entity of Interest.
  • Medical Bay - This wing is primarily used for bedding, treatment, and rehabilitation of on-site personnel. Several rapid-response medical teams are to be deployed from this location to aid in ASF on-site operations.
  • Emergency Shelters - A series of standard high threat containment chambers located within each area, only made accessible for the protection of on-site personnel during times of crisis.

Site Administration


Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Dr. Hank Miracle.
  • Assistant Site Director: Johnathon Kuznetsov.
  • Dir. of Site Security: Col. Kalim Ivanov.
  • Dir. of Military Coordination: Maj. Alexander Gaurav.
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Dr. Natasha Fernsby.
  • Dir. of Site Maintenance: Ing. Jorge Colman.

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Wardens: 25
  • Administrative Assistants: 50
  • Medical Personnel: 50
  • Security Personnel: 598
  • Maintenance Personnel: 70
  • CSD Personnel (Employed): 60


  • CSD Personnel (Stationed): 591
  • Humanoid Anomalies: ███
  • Lesser Anomalous People: ███
  • People of Interest:

Total: ███

Objects and Individuals Contained

Garrisoned Mobile Specialized Teams:


MST Alpha-21 (''Wolf Pack'')

Specialized in tracking Persons of Interests.


MST Tango-12 ("Eye From The Sky")

MST Tango-12 is a clandestine task force embedded in both domestic and foreign intelligence services of national governments, specializing in surveillance and clandestine operations against entities of interests to the Authority.

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