Site-015 was originally a nuclear research facility headed by RPNPL. The organization was involved in the Trinity nuclear test for the American Government's Manhattan Project. The facility was shut down following the end of the Second World War and re-purposed as an Authority research and development facility in 1955.






Primary Containment & Research and Development


Established: July 12th, 1955

Front Cover: A Red Phoenix Nuclear and Physics Labs, part of the American nuclear regulatory agencies.

Location: 20 km SE of Route 40, 35 km east of Phoenix Arizona, USA.

Codename: "Lambda"

Hex-code: [OF]

Site Occupation: Special projects facility: Research, testing and development, medical, CSD-Class Holding, MST and ASF garrison, Hanger and a runway for VTOL aircraft, light to heavy containment.

Division Jurisdiction: Research, Protection and Containment.

Total Area: 15,543 m2

Background Information: Site-015 was originally a nuclear research facility headed by RPNPL. The organization was involved in the Trinity nuclear test for the American Government's Manhattan Project. The facility was shut down following the end of the Second World War and re-purposed as an Authority research and development facility in 1955.

Access is through an underground railroad leading to and from Phoenix, Arizona. The site possesses two standard helipads and VTOL runway. Site-015 acts as a command site for six smaller, global sub-sites. These branches contain a great number of objects, artifacts, metaphysical phenomena as well as living sentient entities with lethalities ranging from White to Black. Site-015 itself contains several different containment areas designed for Alpha, Beta and Theta-class objects. Based on the threat of the anomalies, they are organized at various depths within the facility according to their containment rating. Purple and Black threats with a containment rating of beta and higher are located in the lowest level of the facility.

Aside from these procedures, Site-015 contains more Theta anomalies than any other site. Given the high priority benefits of Thetas, Site-015 constantly transfers beneficiary Thetas to containment sites that require the use of controllable anomalies.

As part of the Site-015 Future Expansion Plan first enacted in 1971, the Site is still in the process of expanding, with new phases of construction completed every five years. The facility focuses its time and effort into cross-testing anomalies, reverse engineering and re-purposing artifacts, and containing low and high priority anomalies. Most sectors of the facility, especially the residential and Research and Development department, are built to contain and analyze advantageous anomalies.

Site-015's main priority is to establish new effective equipment and resources to aid the Research, Containment and Protection Divisions. A secondary priority of the Site's equipment and logistical teams is to establish means by which beneficial anomalies can be covertly employed to raise human living standards worldwide. Theta and white level anomalies have been authorized for free use but only under supervision from site director in designated areas of third-world countries. With the Authority's partnership with Nucorp, Site-015 became closely affiliated with the corporation in reverse-engineering and distributing products and technology attained from anomalies. Site-015 retains a branch to house Nucorp researchers and affiliates to cooperate in their goal.

Site-015 and its branches utilize its own CSD-V System (Volunteers) system for further testing after it has been fully established that the designated anomaly is fit and safe for civilian interaction. (Amnestics are administered to the civilians after the test has concluded. Their payments are received under the guise of government tax rebuts, state lotteries and pay bonuses.) These civilians are drafted via anonymous messaging boards, where they are given special instructions and asked to decipher puzzles and codes.

Facility Departments

R&D Department
The main body of Site-015, and the primary motivators behind Site-015's prioritized goals. Working in tandem with Nucorp's affiliates, the department is dedicated to replicating the cause and effects of anomalies that best benefit the advancement of the Division's research equipment, the understanding of new scientific (or otherwise abnormal) findings and research, while providing positive influence on civilian technologies without threatening normalcy.

Physics Department
The Physics Department complements R&D with effective means of containment, or studies of abnormalities that operate within or beyond the Authority's current scientific understanding. Since the containment of RPC-301, researchers work to understand both the infinite potential and limited boundaries of abnormal patterns that break established scientific norms such as theoretical and quantum physics. Included in the department is a metaphysics branch for 'out-of-the-box thinking' when approaching anomalies displaying abnormal, improbable phenomena deep beneath the facility.

Occult Department
A recent addition to Site-015. The Occult Department is manned by former members of various cult sects. They were recruited by the Authority and work in parallel to the Psychiatrict district of Site-015 to discern patterns and behaviors of suspected cults. Studying these patterns uncover potential leads for Epsilon based anomalies or anomalous artifacts.

Facility Sections

  • Administrative and Office Wing: - The central and primary communicative branch of the entire facility. High-ranking researchers, chief of divisions, research and development directors make up the core body of the facility.
  • Nucorp Office Branch: - A division of Nucorp, housing researchers and company affiliates that assist Site-015's research and development department. This wing is connected to Administrative and Office.
  • Habitat Containment Wing: - Non-hostile sentient and/or humanoid entities are stored in this specialized living district. This district was built with the goal of facilitating and studying the social bonds and social structures that form between intelligent anomalies, as well as with site personnel within. This wing is located across from CSD-Class wing and from the main body of the facility.
  • CSD-Class residential wing - The CSD-Class wing can be found one level beneath the surface. It is adjacent to Medical, with a direct link to the testing facility underground. Site-015 is more lenient on punishments and more dedicated to their well being. Many CSD-Class personnel are asylum seekers, immigrants, homeless, runaways, desperate low-income citizens. After six months of service, CSD-classes are administered amnestics and are returned to civilian life with substantial pay.
  • Security Wing: - The main barracks for the ASF. Contains several Theta-level anomalies that are used for re-containment and acquisition purposes, though primarily they are used for site security. This wing is located between Medical and Administration.
  • Medical Wing: - A substantial section of the base that housing several intensive care facilities and basic hospital sections. Tied directly with the primary Research Station. Included are testing and research containment chambers investigating abnormal biological and genetic hazards.
  • Light and Hard Containment Wing: - This area was built 583.8 meters beneath the base itself to effectively contain dangerous items and actively hostile entities. Each section of the wing is divided into five sectors. Each sector developed has been customized for the containment needs of a specific entity for specialized containment.

Site Administration

Administrative Positions:

  • Site Director: Daniel Hines
  • Assistant Site Director: Nichole Pearson
  • Head of Site Security: Chief Anselm Cole
  • Director of RnD: Dr. Nathaniel Clause
  • Head of Personnel: James Sutherland
  • Residential Department Overseer: Kim Han-Jun
  • Director of Physics Department: Dr. Kale [REDACTED]
  • Head of Department of Psychology and the Occult: Dr. Apth Aims

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: 8
  • Administrative Assistants: 45
  • Medical Personnel 500
  • Research Personnel: 500
  • Security Personnel: 3,000 (2,345 temporary, 1,645 permanent)
  • Maintenance Personnel: 700
  • CSD-Class Personnel: 700

Total: 5,453

Garrisoned Mobile Security Teams

Alpha-3: ("Scavengers")
Echo-21: ("Sleeping Sirens")
November-30: ("Forlorn Birds")

Anomalies Contained



Incident Logs

Transgressor: CSD-5081
Outcome: During the interview CSD-5081, an energy and mass re-prioritization event occurred. The event was triggered by a phrase in RPC-299's anomalous language that the subject spoke near the end. Interrogation Room-4A was subjected to a severe distortion of spatial-reality, which resulted in matter being exempt to the influence of gravitational force, escaping the attraction of normal Earth gravity with objects inside the room moving independently together with structural disturbances.
A screening of the room indicates ionized particle clouds contained all that remained of Dr. ████████, Overseer ██████, and six other personnel. Physical matter have been deconstructed into condensed, sub-atomic particles, creating a fractalized environment. This event has also resorted in breaks of causality involving improbable, and impossible instances that interfere with daily activities within the vicinity.

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