Terminology Index

Terminology Index

New employees of the Authority frequently feel overwhelmed by the range of unusual terminology, concepts and vocabulary they find themselves confronted with. The description and applications of the same anomaly-related concepts can also vary widely between divisions, leading to further confusion and miscommunication. The following is a comprehensive list of files and documents that exist to explain concepts referenced in a wide variety of Database entries.

Anomalous Assets

Anomalous tools and substances used by the Authority


Amnestics are memory-affecting agents used by the Authority to control and suppress information. The most common is Class A which is used for basic memory erasing of individual people. Classes G, P, R and T amnestics are specialty classes, used for specific purposes.


Viderics are perception affecting drugs used to block Anopticin, a neurotransmitter which filters inconsistencies in our perception. The usage of Viderics allows for celantur anomalies and other previously hidden presences to be perceived.


The Infoplane is an extra-dimensional plane of space-time in which information exists in a particle-waveform state. This plane is an extension of our own spacial and time dimensions. Traditional matter and energy are unable to enter or exit from the infoplane; only information can be transported into it. This is done through a memotic ground.

Elysian Plane

The Elysian/Otherworld Plane is an alternate landscape intersecting with Earth's topography within a four-dimensional grid. Despite Earth's spherical topology, entities possessing diminished anopticin filters physically perceive the observable world as flat and gain the ability to traverse across Elysian plane.

ACS Documentation

Documents related to the Anderson Coherency Scale

A Word on the Anderson Coherency Scale

Since the widespread implementation of ACS classifications within technical documents, several researchers have come to management confused about the new terminology. This page will briefly explain the Coherency Scale for researchers more used to the older forms of reality classification.

The Anderson-Eckhardt Coherency Test

The AECT is currently the most accurate known way to achieve a sufficiently consistent ACS reading for a given space. The test is composed of 3059 individual tests, each having an obtainable reading of either "low coherency", "medium coherency" or "high coherency".

Informational Timelines

Documents that detail historic events

A Timeline of the Anomalous

This draft was found in the home of the Historian McArthur ████, who was previously contracted by the Authority for his expertise. Unbeknownst to us, he used his security clearance in the archives, to trace our work and our origins to ancient times.

An Incomplete History of the Authority

In this pamphlet, brought to you by the Directorate for Historical and Pseudohistorical Studies, you will find a succinct timeline of the history of our organization, from its first roots in the Late Middle Ages to its modern formation in the 19th century.

The History of the Lexicon Auctoritas

Many within the Authority know this but have difficulty explaining how the identity of the Auctoritas Imperata grew away from the hands of the Catholic Church to become the international organization it is today.

A Summary of the Late History of the Auctoritas Imperata

While most may brush off the Lexicon as a simple method of archiving technical terms, the history and significance of the document serve as a unique insight into the RPC Authority's previous incarnations.

Other Documents

Authority Departmental Hierarchy

An info-graphic depicting the structure of the Authority and its divisions.

Global Operations

An information hub pertaining to Authority management, from site management to global management.

The Anomaly Boom

Following events leading to World War I, reports of anomalous events and objects had increased by ████%, in comparison to the past 40 years before then, with many more anomalous phenomena manifesting themselves in modernized objects.

Lexicon Auctoritas

To whomever it may concern,

When we're at work, day to day- conducting research, maintaining containment systems, or guarding anomalies- it's often easy to forget the legacy that we, the modern Authority represent. We're not just carrying out vital tasks that ensure the safety of humanity, we're also preserving a tradition dating back more than 500 years- a tradition of unity and cooperation in the face of the unknown…

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