UNAAC Summit





Foreword: The following transcript was recorded during an emergency UNAAC Summit on the 12th of March, 195█, shortly after a brief skirmish between The Soviet Iron Initiative and the Authority personnel in Site-███. A representative of The Initiative met with representatives of other countries Anomalous agencies along with established representatives of MI13, the UNAAC and the Authority to discuss the attempted annexing of Authority Sites in Eastern Europe. This version was edited for archival purposes.

[Begin transcript:]

Manfarette: This Emergency Summit will now begin. We will first discuss the attempted annexing of Eastern European Authority sites, First to speak is Makar Petrov from the Soviet Union.

[Petrov stands up]

Petrov: Thank you, Speaker. I would like to announce that our Great Chief of Country has ordered that the RPC Authority hand over all sites in our newly allied countries to The Soviet Iron Initiative. We respect that this request may take time, but it must be achieved quickly, else we will have no choice but to believe the Authority has allied exclusively with the American agency and therefore force us to declare them enemies of the Soviet Union.

[cries of protest are heard]

Manfarette: Order! Why would The Initiative seek this Petrov?

Petrov: We believe The Authority may be a vessel to harbor spies that will hurt our Motherland, and they would use these sites to stage such attacks. We know of a capture and interrogation operation that was called on one of our comrades, which goes against the UNAAC treaty of [REDACTED]. I assure you, if this director doesn’t know about this operation then it is the work of our enemies incognito in this organization, and if he does then the Authority should be punished for sabotage as the treaty declares.

[More cries of protest occur]

Manfarette: Order! Please continue Petrov.

Petrov: The current state of Authority management in these sites is detrimental to the safety and security of our organization and our Motherland. However, if these sites are owned by us we can ensure that these anomalies stay secure as your organization sees fit, but with the added benefit of them being out of the hands of our enemies. How easy would it be for one of our enemies to join your organization and steal one of these anomalies to use against us? Or worse, if a member of GARD were able to infiltrate your organization? We know about your efforts to find and employ German scientists- what would happen if they turned? It is imperative that we control these sites to secure the sovereignty of our nation and the nations allied with us. Thank you.

[Petrov sits down. Murmuring arises]

Manfarette: Order! Order! Thank you, Petrov. We will now hear from the Authority representative, Director ███.

[Director ███ stands.]

███: Thank you, Speaker. I would like to remind everyone here that the Authority does not take sides in conflicts unless they threaten our secrecy, normalcy, or the world’s very existence. We can ensure that none of our personnel have a political or ideological agenda that would impede or go against our founding principles. We will continue to protect our sites from your attacks, and if need be, we will use anomalies to destroy or defend them.

[Murmuring in the crowd is heard]

███: And on the subject of utilizing German scientists, there is no need. Our partnership with Nucorp Industries has proven far more than enough. Your government, on the other hand, seems to have no qualms using Nazi schematics or weaponry.

[Discussion rises]

███: Furthermore, some of the anomalies in these sites are not only beneficial to your enemies, but are also a great boon to your organization if you did indeed take over these sites. Who is to say that you wouldn’t use anomalies to benefit your country for an offensive maneuver against the rest of the world? Is it not part of your ideology to convert every country in the world to Communism?

[A few shouts in support are heard]

Manfarette: Order! Director, please use scrutiny when making statements of that caliber. Please continue, cautiously.

███: Understood, I’ll stay on track. These sites are too secure for an outside attack and there are many protocols for preventing attacks from the inside. We’ve dealt with such occurrences before, and always re-secure the site swiftly and effectively. However, if you truly don’t trust our organization, I propose an agreement. If you’ll hear me out, that is.

[Petrov thinks, then stands]

Petrov: I would like to know more of this operation you were going to enact. Then I will decide whether I hear you out.

███: I thought you may ask that, and I am thankfully cleared to tell you the overview of this operation.

Petrov: We already know that the target of the operation was to capture and interrogate one of our own commanders, as he had informed us of the locations of various Authority sites. You would break the UNAAC treaty for a single agent of ours reporting the location of your sites?

Manfarette: Order! Petrov, please wait until The Director is finished.

███: Thank you, Speaker. The operation was indeed to capture and interrogate Commander ███. However, we know he is attempting to employ German Scientists to work with The Church of Malthus to create anomalous soldiers. That’s why we were tracking down and interrogating German scientists, and they confirmed our suspicions.

Petrov: And what was his current task before you intended to apprehend him?

███: His attention was directed to one Doctor Mengele, but we were able to track him down and put him in a protection program to ensure he couldn’t be found. There was also mention of a dangerous anomaly he acquired from the Malthus members, a…result of a repurposed version of the super-soldier program. If you don’t believe me, we have a recording we can provide.

Petrov: I will listen to it after this summit ends and mail it to my superiors. I would like to hear from another representative that can corroborate this.

Manfarette: Are there any representatives with information on this issue who would like to step forward?

[MI13 representative Bridges stands]

Bridges: I can say with certainty MI13 knew of the Malthus connection.

Manfarette: Please enlighten us, Mr. Bridges.

Bridges: The Authority called us inquiring on a Church of Malthus cell we raided a few weeks ago, and we found documents on a super-soldier program inside, which detail an old Ahnenerbe Project to create soldiers with anomalous properties. Regeneration, everlasting youth, super strength, the ability to fly, and so on. The project only got around to anti-aging, with a small test group established before the Authority intervened back in 1944. The Malthus members were looking to continue that research and use it for their own means. I believe this correlates with what the Authority is saying, thank you, Speaker.

[Bridges sits down. The crowd starts murmuring again]

Petrov: This is… unexpected, and surprising information to hear, but it does ring true with our own investigation into these failed programs. I would like to hear this proposition, Director ███.

███: Thank you for hearing me out. While I can say with absolute certainty that handing over our sites to your organization will never be allowed, perhaps a middle ground can be reached. I propose that my superiors could allow a small portion of your organization to work alongside our personnel. That would entail sharing Level 3 documents and lower to similarly tiered personnel, and a limited garrison for The Initiative's armed forces. However, we will not allow the sites to imprison any prisoners procured by your organization, and your personnel will not be allowed to handle any anomalies. Your personnel will be allowed to contact your main bases and report our findings, but we will be allowed to listen in to ensure that no sensitive information is leaked.

Petrov: This proposition is somewhat restrictive, but I will accept this only if we agree to look into this in finer detail tomorrow.

███: I can agree to that. I think our superiors must be notified before any further negotiations can be made.

Manfarette: It seems an agreement of some sort has been made, now we’ll move onto the United States' own anomalous agency and their entrenchment on smaller Anomalous groups operating in the US. We will now hear from the representative of ███ from ████████.

[End Transcript]

Note to the Site Directors:

15th March 195█

To all Site Directors of the following sites:
███,███,███,███ and ███.

An agreement today has been made with the Soviet Iron Initiative, and we need to ensure it stays stable. Remove any remaining Betas and Gammas with a lethality of Red and higher from the sites and transfer over RPCs from Site-002 that are classified as Orange and lower. We need to ensure that none of these RPCs could be used against us or The Initiative. Ensure that no strong emotional attachments occur between staff and keep surveillance on the Initiative's personnel 24/7. If anything is going to occur, we need to know about it first hand.

Additionally, to ensure our operation is somewhat maintained in secrecy, we will be delaying the modernization of the previously mentioned sites, with the exception of containment cells and mundane technology (tools, radio equipment, fridges, etc)

For Site-███, commence the operation, it has been approved by The Initiative as part of the agreement.

-Global Directors 4,5,7

Letter from Petrov

Foreword: This letter was retrieved by the Authority in 1991 after the dissolution of The Soviet Iron Initiative among many other documents and RPCs.

15th March 195█

To Comrade Seregey

Your plan worked, and now the Authority is allowing us into their sites. I said the threats you told me to say, and despite the outcry, they worked. I have ordered all our personnel to keep tabs on how they organize their security forces, their troops, and how they research. We have devised a system of codewords in letters to hopefully help get this information by their security and back to our bases. We can only grow stronger from understanding how they operate and I envy you for being allowed to tell Comrade Stalin the good news. Now, our organization will truly be strong enough to support the Father of the Nation's vision.

However, I also bring sad news. The Authority has confirmed Commander ███’s betrayal, but I suggest we let this capture operation proceed. The recording was only the beginning, they have enough evidence to damn him to America and back. Further still, he is allied with the same Malthus scum that led that raid against our nuclear site. So what if he knows how we operate now? It will soon change after we gather enough information. Let the Authority weed him and all other traitors out, it’ll only strengthen us. I will ensure that through the Authority, we will find out why he betrayed Stalin’s vision and our Motherland.

Your Comrade,

Makar Petrov

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